That’s the Goal, Remember?

Through my remote job, I get the chance to know people from all over the country from the comfort of my own 🏑 home. My coworkers are from Virginia, Texas, Colorado, Iowa, Arizona, Florida, and New York– just to name a few. Some are πŸ™‚ introverts, while others are πŸ₯³ extroverts. We have a variety of belief systems. We represent different races, genders, and types of families. I’m one of the older people. Some are the ages of my kids. We πŸ˜‚ laugh. We discuss series to binge-watch on Netflix, recipes, and 🏈 sports. We collaborate and ask for feedback about our projects. But, most importantly, we respect one another. πŸ₯° We value the role that each of us plays in the success of our combined efforts.😍

I’m telling you this because I want you to remember that there are people in this country who are genuinely good. πŸ˜‡ They may not look like you or believe what you believe, and that shouldn’t matter.πŸ’₯

Love one another. πŸ’• That’s the goal, remember?🌟

We have to πŸ›‘ stop all of this “othering.” Let me school you in case you’re not sure what that means. Othering is when people are perceived negatively and treated adversely because they don’t fit into what you think is acceptable.❌ Othering means excluding and marginalizing those different from you.❌ Still not sure what it means? Pay attention to what’s going on. It’s all around us.

Love one another. πŸ’• That’s the goal, remember?🌟

People who look different aren’t scary.❗️People who have conflicting beliefs aren’t wrong.❗️People who ring a doorbell or pull into a driveway to turn around or accidentally get into the wrong car or bounce a ball into your yard aren’t threats.❗️People who can’t understand that baffle me. πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈ I just don’t get it.

Love one another. πŸ’• That’s the goal, remember?πŸ’–

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