Keep It Quiet

Have you heard about 🙊quiet quitting? It refers to people who do the minimum at work. Those folks never exert more effort than necessary They don’t come in ⏰early or stay late. They don’t volunteer to help others. 🍔 Lunch hour- yeah, something like that. Frequent breaks. Looking busy without actually being busy. A 2022 Gallup poll suggested that half of the American workforce is quiet quitting.

There are lots of reasons for the trend. Low💰pay. Lack of respect from management. Issues at home that spill over to the workday. Few benefits. Lack of flexibility or opportunities for advancement. Maybe it’s just as simple as feeling 😔stuck. The job isn’t fulfilling, so you just show up to get a 💵 paycheck. I don’t blame anyone for 🙊 quiet quitting. Everyone has a journey to live, and life can be tricky sometimes. We’ve all felt frustrated at work before. 🙋🏻‍♀️

Whatever the reason, though, quiet quitters don’t make the best teammates. 😬 Someone has to pick up the slack, right? The work still has to be done. Maybe you’ve been that someone to pick up the slack before, which means that your workload increased while someone else found paid free time.😡 That doesn’t help workplace morale!

A recent Washington Post article discussed another 🙊 quiet trend that I like better. They called it quiet thriving. Changing your mindset from feeling apathetic to finding pockets of ✨ joy in your workday. It included things like setting boundaries and intentions. Inserting 🥳 fun breaks. Cultivating work 💕 friends. Finding one thing to 😍 love or even kind of like. Planning an activity you enjoy when the workday is over. The idea is that taking action will help people feel better. Someone who resents being stuck in a job wakes up feeling 😔 miserable every day, wishing things would change. Taking the tiniest ✨ positive actions just might help to slow quiet quitting.

We all have a choice. Quiet quitting or quiet thriving? I know the one I want. Quiet thriving is the one for me! How about you?💖


  1. I do find the workplace can be somewhere where there is sudden surges in workload and troughs of leisure between demands. Some people are naturally more motivated than others and we all have our own strengths and weaknesses, some people may jump at the chances, others may fear failure or feel too tired. I don’t think it is right to stigmatise people for what they do or don’t do at work, more to respond to their actions in a way which supports their well-being and development. A little quiet-support, can go a long way 🙂

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    1. I completely understand this! Putting people into boxes is tricky business because I feel like we all kind of move and grow in different ways–with different strengths and weaknesses, like you said. I also think you’re onto something with the idea of quiet support! That is key to both quiet quitting and quiet thriving. Regardless of our comfort levels or our motivations and life struggles, we all need to feel supported! Thanks for bringing that important piece to the puzzle.

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