Look for the Goodness

This week brought a lot to process. Fear, 😥 tears, and frustrations. Glimmers of hope. Confusion. 🙌 Hallelujah moments. Heroes and villains. Unless you live under a rock, you know what I mean. From the 🏈football field to a house of government, we’ve seen people at their ☀️best and ⛈ worst. If you follow my blog, you know that I steer clear of political posts. I’m still not going there- except to say that elected officials didn’t show the best of us this week.☹️

Football players did.🏆 Fans did. 🏆 Medical personnel did. 🏆 Folks who value people more than power did.🏆

The best of us,,, over and over again, in so many ways. It’s been a privilege to watch people rally behind one young man in his time of need, making sure his family and football brothers also felt the same ❤️love and support. Not because we knew him. Not because we could get something out of it. Not because we’re Bills fans- many don’t even follow 🏈football.

No- we were moved by this story simply because it felt like he was our friend, our son, our brother.❤️ We were touched because we saw the anguished faces of those on the field with him. ❤️ We prayed to lift this young man, his family, and the community that surrounds him. ❤️ We donated to his foundation because we felt the need to do something. ❤️ We checked for reports of progress and celebrated when he woke up. ❤️ We felt thankful when doctors spoke of positive signs in that first press conference.

As 😱frightening and gut-wrenching as this story was in the beginning, there was goodness from the moment he fell on that field. ✨Medical staff acting quickly. ✨Players forming a circle around him, providing a shield of physical and spiritual comfort. ✨Fans in the stands and watching on TV, realizing the gravity of the scene and responding with an outpouring of love. We saw it all:














Celebrate the 🙌miracle we witnessed this week by remembering to lead with love. Join the team. Honor others. Be an encourager. Help where you can. Look for the goodness- it’s all around us. We know because we just saw it. And wasn’t it incredible?💖

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