Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s my birthday on Sunday!🥳 I like birthdays- mine and everyone else’s birthdays!😍 Growing older is a gift that isn’t given to all. I’m grateful for every year- even the tough ones. I’m thankful I get to experience a little more that life offers. Besides, celebrations are fun. I get cake!🎂 My favorite flavor is chocolate with buttercream frosting. I prefer the corner and edge pieces because they have more icing. I’ve never understood people who don’t like icing. And the whipped cream icing? You can keep it.

I like presents.🎁 Who doesn’t, right? But I’m also okay without them. 🤷🏻‍♀️The part about gifts that is truly important to me is that someone took the time to choose or make something just for me.🥰 It’s not at all about the gift itself. It’s about the thought. For me, the thought is what really counts. No lie. I’d rather have a heartfelt message on a card than a fancy🎁box with a bow.

I usually ask people to do a random act of 💕kindness in my honor for my birthday. That sounds cliche; I get it. But I honestly hope people do that when I make the request every year. It’s even better when people share their kind acts with me! So, get out there and hold a 🚪door open. Toss some compliments around. Pay for the 🚗car behind you in the drive-through. Heck- just smile at someone!😀

I’m asking the same thing this year, but I’m adding another part to my birthday wish.🥳 Can we take a step back and 👀look at the world around us? Can we all see that hate and negativity aren’t working? Can we learn to be people who put 💕kindness and grace in front of division and 👻suspicions? I believe we could if we try. Will we agree on everything? Nope and that’s fine. Will we mess up from time to time? Sure- but it’s my birthday wish that we start trying.

Time to blow out the 🎂candles. Let’s make that wish together.💖

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