No Changes Necessary

I’ve talked a lot about change recently. 🔀Changes that I’ve made by choice. ⤴️Changes that just happened around me. 🔄Changes that were forced on me. I used to hate change but have learned to welcome it.😍 Do you want to know something else that’s really important about change? Some things don’t have to change at all. Hear me out.

I’m talking about the things that make us who we are.🥳 Things that people have come to expect from us. Things others 😘love and 😡hate about us. Things that we love and hate about ourselves but have accepted. There’s something pretty extraordinary about being comfortable in our own skin.🙌 But, of course, that gets easier with age and the wisdom from living life.

So, what about my belief in goodness? Not changing.👍🏻 My logical brain? I’ll keep it. Talking to anyone anywhere? Mediocre cooking skills? Genuine positivity mixed with worry from time to time? 😀Smiling at strangers? My curiosity and open mind? 😂Laughing too loudly? Enjoying punk rock, country music, and show tunes on the same 🎶playlist? Needing something 🍧sweet after dinner? Searching for 🌈silver linings? 😬Working on my patience? I’ll hang on to all of them. No need to change.

You see what I’m saying, right? We need to accept 🔀change from time to time. That’s one thing that won’t ever change. 😂 Who we really are, though, can stay. 🤩That essence doesn’t have to go anywhere until and unless we want to make a change.

🌟sense of humor



🌟faith and hope

🌟adventurous spirit or homebody



🌟introvert, extrovert, or a little bit of both



🌟healthy skepticism







🌟whatever makes you special

Yes- changes will happen when we 👍🏻choose them and when we 👎🏻don’t. But some things can stay the same. It turns out we’re usually pretty great, just the way we are.🥰 Self-love, my friends. Self-acceptance.

Change if you choose. But change for yourself. 💖

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