The Golden Rule

It’s the time of year to get 💉vaccinated for the different illnesses coming with the 🍂colder weather. I made an 📆appointment with a pharmacy and completed the necessary paperwork 💻online. On my scheduled day, I was asked to have a seat and wait after checking in with the pharmacy staff. No problem. I understood they needed to prepare my records and assist the others in the line. It was crowded with people getting flu shots and 💊medications.

I watched a woman speak with the staff, then she sat down in a chair near mine. She asked if I had an 📆appointment. I did. She asked if I had been waiting long. I had. We chatted pleasantly about her upcoming trip to 🌴Florida and her children. I told her I liked her pants, which were camo-printed leggings that looked super comfortable. At one point, she stood up and went back to the window. She stuck her head in as far as it would go and shouted this question, “Is anybody working on my shots back there?” 😳The staff politely assured her they would get to her as soon as possible. She snapped back that she thought they had forgotten her. 😬Remember that I was there first- as were several others in the line.

I noticed a sad trend as I sat with my new- uh- friend. She spoke kindly to me, offering 😃smiles and laughter. She did not; however, treat the staff in the same way. Her interactions with the workers were cold, harsh, and abrupt. 😡She seemed to think they were there only to serve her- and they needed to do it quicker. 😤Forget about the other customers. Forget about their company protocols.

It was weird and awkward. This lady was sweet and funny sitting in the metal and pleather chair next to me. But, interacting with the employees, she was just plain rude.😡 She flipped that switch several times while we waited. I think my main question is why? 🤔Why did she believe treating me one way and the staff another was okay? I hate to say it, but I bet this wasn’t the first time she was disrespectful to workers. It came too naturally to her.

We all have bad days. We’re all carrying a heavy load.💯 So, let’s remember the Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, please and thank you.💖

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