Refresh and Reset

Traveling✈️ has a way of bringing out the adventurous spirit that lives in all of us. The day-to-day grind wears on the soul after a while.😔 It’s important to step outside ourselves, try new things, chat with different people, take in nature’s beauty, and reset with a fresh perspective. 😍Our recent trip to Utah brought all that and more.

Here are a few of my take-aways from our time in the hot desert mountains:

🏜If you don’t have a fanny pack yet, get one. Trust me. You’ll use it far more than you might expect.

🏜I’m not a fan of riding in an ATV on sand dunes. Wouldn’t have known if I didn’t try, though.

🏜I didn’t realize how much I needed to unplug from technology. I plan to do that more often.

🏜First, test the rocks for stability, then trust your steps. Good to know for hiking and life, too.

🏜It’s essential to get out of routines now and then. We just get bogged down in them.

🏜Rabbits, turtles, road runners, lizards, deer, and many other animals live amongst everything from cacti, leafy green trees, and yuccas to sagebrush and sand-coexisting while respecting each other’s role in nature. There’s a big lesson there, people.

🏜I didn’t know there were volcanoes in Utah long ago.

🏜I can push past my fear of heights with the support of those around me and faith in myself.

🏜Hiking sticks are more critical for balance than I would have guessed.

🏜My hair styled easier in the desert air.

🏜Four-flavor samplers should be in every ice cream shop. Four small scoops in one bowl! Yes, please.

🏜I had never heard of hoodoos before visiting Bryce Canyon. Now, I can say that I walked through an amphitheater filled with them after hiking into and out of a canyon! Who know I could do that?

Whether you can get away in your own backyard or take a ✈️trip to new surroundings, do it! Make space in your life for even a few ⏰minutes to reset your world. Maybe you can book a vacation or a weekend getaway. Perhaps you can walk in your neighborhood or sit on your 🪑porch for even a few minutes. We all need to press pause on the daily grind. Take the time to refresh and reset. Your spirit will thank you!💖

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