What If…You’re the Setter

A piece I 📝wrote several years ago continues to be shared 🌎worldwide daily. I am humbled and baffled that this blog has a life of its own out of oodles that I’ve written over the years. I wouldn’t even say that it is my best work. 🤷🏻‍♀️I mean- it’s what I wanted to say at the time, but I’ve written others that could have been The One. When I get notifications of another share, I often wonder, “Why this one?”

If you didn’t read my blog back in 2017, you haven’t read this one- unless it has been shared with you, and you didn’t realize I wrote it.😂 I didn’t share my writings on Facebook or Instagram until a couple of years ago. As a matter of fact, some people didn’t even know I was a writer until then. It was my side gig. I’ve earned some 💵cash along the way for articles and editing, but it was really just something I loved to do.😍 I felt more comfortable posting thoughts on my blog to people I didn’t know rather than sharing on my social media with folks I might see at the grocery store. Even though I felt that I had something to say, I didn’t want to risk saying anything that someone I actually knew might dislike or mock. 😬You could say that pride got in the way of posting my work for a time because I just can’t stand judgment. I’m over that. 😂Growing older has a way of taking away those worries.

Anyway, this post was about how the setter on a 🏐volleyball team related to life. Our youngest daughter was a setter in middle school. We had a conversation when some kids didn’t understand the setter’s role and other positions on the team, placing the glory with the hitter. It’s kind of funny now because our daughter ended her high school 🏐volleyball career as a hitter and not a setter.

This piece must take on new meaning for each reader as it is shared across the 🌎globe. I often wonder what makes it relevant for someone in Zimbabwe, Ecuador, or Romania. 🤔The sports metaphor probably makes sense- just watch the Olympics to see how connected we are through sports. Yet, I assumed my day-to-day world was different. Watching this post go around the world for so long, I’ve decided that we’re more alike than we might realize.

Years after 📝writing them, my words still connect with people I will never meet in countries I will never visit. 😳It’s kind of mindboggling, honestly. But, my words become part of someone else- colored with new interpretations each time they are shared. You see what that means, right? ✨We are more alike than different. ✨We crave connections to other people. ✨And, we all have stories waiting to be told- stories that others need to hear.

What if…you’re the setter? Take that pass and put the 🏐ball up high, ready for your hitters to smash it across the net. Place it right where it’s needed. Then, spread the glory by sharing your story. 🙌Remember- we’re all in this together.💖

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