What If…We Share the Love

I’m on the launch team for the new Bob Goff 📘book- UNDISTRACTED- coming in March. I KNOW!😍 I’m psyched. Stay tuned- I’ll have more to say on this in a future post. Don’t know who Bob 🎈Goff is? Run to your nearest bookstore and grab yourself a copy of LOVE DOES or EVERYBODY ALWAYS- my personal 💕favorite. Download copies to your iPad or Kindle now. While you’re at it- preorder a copy of the new one. You’ll thank me later.🥰

Anyway, you know how some quotes seem to take up residence in your brain? You turn them over and over, thinking about every angle. 🤔Taking the meaning deeper. 🧐Adjusting them to fit your life. Our launch team is just a few chapters into the new 📘book, and so many quotes have that effect on me already. These quotes aim straight for the ❤️heart, and I wanted to share a few with you. Think of these as sneak 👀peeks into the pages of the new book as well as a few lessons we should all learn and remember.

💛”Don’t be distracted by how different you are from everyone else. Our hearts were meant to beat together, not the same.” Read that again, and focus on the words TOGETHER and SAME. Don’t you love that idea? 😍We’re incredible just as we are, and we’re even more beautiful when we beat together. 🥳

💛”We will be known for our opinions but remembered for the love we gave to everyone around us.” Oh, those opinions. 🙄We all have them. We all share them whether we’re asked or not. Maybe we need to focus on sharing more love- even to people who don’t share our opinions. 😊

💛”Here’s a truth you can take to the bank no matter how long you live: The clarity of purpose, undistracted energy, selfless love, and unselfish pursuits you bring to the world will be your legacy. Everything else will look like a distraction by comparison.” THIS! 🙌All of this! Take it to the bank.🏦

What if…we share the love? It’s Valentine’s 💕Weekend, after all. Want to take that loving spirit and carry it into the rest of the year? Count me in because love always wins.💖

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