What If…These Things Come From Us

Dear Santa,

I haven’t baked the 🍪cookies yet. Let’s hope I get around to it this year. As you know, I’m not much of a baker, but I have fun trying. 🥰I think my favorite part of baking is the eating part! Most of my holiday 🛍shopping was done online this year. There’s just something about putting things in the cart and clicking the submit button from the 🛋couch. With a cup of ☕️cocoa. In my sweatpants. Under a blanket. Pro tip- if you’re eyeing a product or checking out a 💻website, get on the mailing lists. That’s where the real deals are found. ✅You’re welcome.

There are some things that can’t be found in stores or 💻online, though. Maybe you can figure out a way to fit them on the sleigh to spread around on Christmas 🎄Eve.

🎅🏼Be kind. Just be kind. Is it really that difficult? Can we stop the ugliness? Now would be a great time.

🎅🏼Quit worrying about your posts on social media and just live. Show us your pictures. Brag on your kids. Tell us your stories. Ask for help. Quit trying to edit it all to be perfect. We’re not perfect! It’s fine. Relax.

🎅🏼Change the course. If you have finished a season in your life and you want to move on to the next one, do it! What are you waiting for? You know when you’re done. No one else can tell you that.

🎅🏼On that note, does it really matter what others think anyway? I mean- there are some opinions that we value. There are some people that we trust. But, overall- who really cares? It’s your life. No one else is living it- so do your thing!

🎅🏼Can we stop excusing bad behaviors? No more of the “that’s just Gertrude” or “Otis tells it like it is.” Stop excusing it! If someone is rude or making jokes at the expense of others online or in person, quit enabling that. How are Gertrude and Otis supposed to learn if we keep letting it happen? Call them out! Unfollow them. Do whatever to stop the bad behaviors around you. Enough already.

🎅🏼R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Sing it louder for those in the back. It’s okay if people believe differently from you. It’s okay if people live differently from you. Respect them anyway. Celebrate and learn from the differences.

You know what, Santa? I’m not sure those things can fit on your sleigh. What if…those things come from us? 🤔We’re the only ones who can make these miracles happen. Maybe you could deliver something, though. How about a 🎁box filled with hope and ❤️love and gratitude?💖

Merry everything,


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