What If…You Put in the Effort

I was 👟walking to my favorite trail for some exercise over Labor Day weekend. Our house is about a half-mile from the trail, which is a great warm-up and cool-down distance. As I walked, I noticed a dad with his son riding 🚲bikes back and forth on the same quiet street. We 😀smiled and waved hello at one another. I commented that the little boy’s 🚲bike looked pretty shiny and new.

“Do you have a minute to hear how my son got his new bike?” asked Dad.


We all stopped along the side of the road. Son told me that he worked for his bike. He earned every penny by mowing grass and other yard work. Once he saved enough 💰cash, he chose and paid for his cool new 🚲bike. He told me that he was 11-years-old. As he spoke, his face was glowing with pride! 😊

There are a whole bunch of things I 😍loved about this encounter on the way to the trail.

  • 🚲Dad asked if I had time to 👂listen, then let his son talk. This wasn’t Dad’s accomplishment. He didn’t need to speak for his little boy. He let Son own the story. 👍🏻
  • 🚲From watching their interactions, I bet Dad lets his son own it when he makes the wrong decisions, too, which is equally important.👏🏻
  • 🚲Son was polite in his conversation with me, looking me in the 👀eyes as he spoke confidently and respectfully.
  • 🚲Son told his story without bragging. He talked more about his efforts to earn it rather than about the bike itself.‼️
  • 🚲Son set a goal and made a plan. I assume he did this with guidance, which is an excellent parenting example.✅
  • 🚲Son used dedication and focus and initiative to make his dream happen.🥳
  • 🚲Dad respected Son enough to show him how to earn what he wanted rather than just giving it to him, knowing that Son would get more than a bike from the experience.🙌🏻
  • 🚲Dad and Son were spending time together outside on a Sunday afternoon- celebrating the payoff together.😍
  • 🚲Mission accomplished for both of them! Son earned a new bike. Dad taught an important lesson about the rewards of having a good work ethic.🏆

What if…you put in the effort? It’s always worth it, even if you don’t end up with a new 🚲bike. Dad put in the effort to teach his son the importance of focus and discipline and hard work. 👍🏻Son put in the effort to reach his goal. 🎉Want to know something that I really 😍loved about this story? I loved that Dad didn’t send Son out to ride his new bike by himself. The fact that they put in the effort to spend time together is my favorite part. 💖

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