What If…You Take a Break

I know that I usually have a rambling 📝post each weekend. My intentions are to give some points to 🤔ponder, a few different ways of 👀looking at things, maybe a brand new💡 idea, or a little bit of 🥰hope. Writing is also therapeutic for me. This week, though, I offer you something different. I propose a break.

It’s essential to take ⏰time away from our usual hustle and bustle. The daily grind. Our chores and responsibilities. ↔️Disconnecting becomes 🔁reconnecting, you see.

Over the past few weeks, we have spent time with every single one of our kids, which is saying a lot. 😍Our adult children are spread out across the country and busy with their lives. But, we’ve seen each one in person! 🎉I’ve tried to just slow down and enjoy those moments. 💝

Maybe your break includes a hike or a long 🏃🏻‍♂️run. How about taking a 😴nap under your favorite blanket? You could even hop on a ✈️plane or take a 🚗road trip. Sit on your porch and read a 📚book! Just allow yourself to slow down from time to time and enjoy life.

What if…you take a break? Just be without the usual stresses! Whether you want to see the 🌤sunrise or put your toes in the 🏝sand or binge-watch a new show, do it. Until next week, friends! 🥳Right now, my husband and I are spending some time with our daughters. 💖

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