What If…You Catch the Waves

We took a quick getaway in 🏖Gulf Shores last week. It was a new spot for us. We wanted a break in a place that would feed our souls.🥰 It’s been a tough year, and this trip was all about relaxation. We ultimately chose an Alabama beach because of the 🚗driving distance. We needed to sandwich our Spring Break vacation between two-weekend 🏐volleyball tournaments. As it turned out, Gulf Shores delivered on every wish.🌟

We hoped to have some downtime mixed with a little adventure. The ☔️rain for a couple of days wasn’t invited, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We simply planned around it- taking advantage of the 🏖beach when the weather permitted and hitting the 🛍shops or enjoying our Airbnb space when it rained. In between the fun and ☀️sun, we felt the real world’s stresses fall away as our 🤣laughter increased.

I went to the 🏖beach every morning just to walk a few miles along the shore. No shoes- I wanted to get my toes in the sand and feel the 🌊waves rushing over my feet. Something about that time alone- listening to the 🌊waves crash onto the shore next to me- was soothing, calming, affirming. 😍

I find 🌊waves fascinating. I like to 👀watch them as they move in from the deep waters, gaining strength as they come closer to shore. They’re beautiful and ✨mysterious, sometimes ☠️menacing. It’s not always easy to judge if the 🌊waves will be cold or warm as they flow over my feet. They might bring lots of gritty sand and scratchy little shells that feel 😬uncomfortable. Several can rush in from different directions- crashing over each other 🔀simultaneously. A few 🌊waves leave behind foam that seems to stay longer than it should. There may be pauses between 🌊waves, allowing for brief reprieves from the rushing waters. Other times they continuously flow- one after another after another- giving no time for rest.

One thing is certain- the 🌊waves will continue to make it to shore. Your 🌊waves may be gently rolling when your world is calm. But- you know as well as I do- those fierce crashing 🌊waves that bring the giant white caps will surge when life feels rough.

There comes a time when you have to make a decision about the 🌊waves. Maybe you just roll up your 👖pant legs and let them rush over your feet. You could even let the 🌊waves take over and soak it all in. Who cares if your get 💦wet- at least you took a chance! You might determine, though, that it’s best to move out of the 🌊waves altogether. Every decision brings a new circumstance. A different path. Maybe even a few consequences. The great thing is that you have a choice. 🌟What’s it going to be?🤔

The 🌊waves are constant. You can count on that. What if…you catch the 🌊waves? Take a moment to process. To think it all through. To deal with the 🌊waves that are coming at you. To decide if it’s time to jump in or just let the 🌊waves rush over your toes or maybe even walk away from the shore. Trust yourself enough to handle the 🌊waves.💖


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