Spring Break in Gulf Shores

We haven’t been to Gulf Shores before. We typically venture to Florida and bypass Alabama altogether. Because we had a shorter time for a Spring Break getaway this year due to weekend volleyball tournaments, we opted for a road trip that was a bit closer to our home- just a twelve-hour drive. We love a good road trip- driving all day or throughout the night, depending on our timeframe for each trip. This particular trip required an overnight drive, which Ken can do easily. He is one of those weird humans who requires little sleep. He took a long nap before leaving, and he was good to go. The rest of us settled in with pillows and blankets and waited through a few bathroom stops to get to the beach.

With COVID restrictions in mind, we rented an Airbnb right on the beach. The space was beautiful, convenient, and had everything we needed. The hosts were excellent- responsive to messages and professional. Definitely recommend this space. (Here’s a link for it.)

Our main goal for this vacation was to relax. Ken has been working almost 7-days a week since he came back to work after the lockdown last spring. I’ve been teaching with lots of coronavirus protocols in place, which has made this year exhausting. The teenagers just needed something kind of normal and fun for a few days. It’s been easy to feel safe and comfortable here. Masks are worn. Distancing is in place. Most of our time was spent at the beach when the weather was nice. We shopped when it was rainy. Nothing fancy about this trip- just some solid downtime.

We love to try local establishments for food when we travel. Here are few restaurants that we loved during our stay in Gulf Shores:

SUNLINER DINER- After driving all night, we were ready for a delicious breakfast before checking into our space. This diner delivered. We’re still not sure how we were selected to sit in this cool car, which is front and center in the restaurant- but we didn’t complain. We ordered a variety of things from pancakes to Belgian waffles to an omelet and hash browns. Every bite was excellent. The service was perfect- everyone checked to make sure we had everything we needed. Great choice!

HOG WILD BEACH AND BBQ- My daughter found this one by a simple internet search. Dang- she found a winner! If you like BBQ- put this place on your list. The meats were excellent. We had brisket, chicken, and pork. The sauces were so tasty- try them all! The sides were yummy. Small space, but worth every bite. You can eat inside or outside and even take carry-out home.

ISLAND ICE CREAM & TREATS- We’re dessert fans, especially ice cream. There were so many flavors to choose from! Scoops were giant- I couldn’t even eat all of mine. The staff was friendly—perfect spot for a treat.

BAHAMA BOB’S- This was within walking distance of our Airbnb. We thought it was more of a walk-up-and-order type place until we investigated further. There are indoor and outdoor seating and a menu with a whole bunch of different delicious options- seafood, burgers, salads, desserts. Perfect for lunch- as we did- or dinner.

SOUL BOWLZ- We visited this place twice (same with Island Ice Cream). The options were fresh, healthy, and delicious!

THE WHARF and GINNY LANE- We took a little trip to the Orange Beach side of things to wander at The Wharf. The shops were unique- and we didn’t leave empty-handed! We stayed for dinner at a spot called Ginny Lane, which was outstanding. It’s a little pricier than some of the other options I’ve listed, though.

THE BEACH HOUSE- This one was met with mixed reviews. My daughter and I enjoyed our food. The guys thought it was yummy, too- they just wanted more. Seating is indoors or out on the deck, which is where we ate while watching the sunset.

We’re on the way home, and I’m not happy about it! I could have stayed much longer. Definitely planning to come back to enjoy more that Gulf Shores has to offer!

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