What If…We Look For THERE

A fellow 📝writer and Facebook friend recently included this quote in a piece that I can’t seem to release. “What got you here is not going to get you there.”💥

Read that again, and pause.

“What got you here is not going to get you there.”💥

Something about those words just 🛑stops me in my tracks. I’ve heard them again and again in my head since I first read them. I keep turning them 🔄over, analyzing every angle. That simple phrase opens up so many things for me. One is that I’m not even sure how I got 🌸HERE. Grace, perhaps? 🍀Luck? A little bit of both mixed in with some fate and destiny? The other is the idea that something is waiting for me 🌼THERE.

Join me on a deep dive of 🌸HERE and 🌼THERE for a minute.

🌸HERE is a good place. A solid place. A ❤️loving place. I’m comfortable 🌸HERE. I know what to expect 🌸HERE. I know what to do 🌸HERE, how to act. I also know that I don’t want to stay 🌸HERE forever.

For me, 🌸HERE doesn’t mean a location. It encompasses more than that. It is also mental and 💪🏻physical and 🙏🏻spiritual. To stay 🌸HERE means to close my eyes and my mind. It means that I don’t seek new ideas. It has ❌limits. It is probably too safe because it doesn’t allow for risks. Being 🌸HERE serves a purpose. Staying 🌸HERE shouldn’t be the goal.

The other part of this phrase that’s rattling around in my brain is the idea of 🌼THERE. I don’t know where 🌼THERE is. I’m not sure where to 👀look or what to change to get 🌼THERE. Part of me feels like 🌼THERE comes from a series of moments in life when I say yes rather than no. 🌼THERE is the space beyond the open 🚪doors. We have to walk through to see what is 🌼THERE.

I honestly don’t know if we’re supposed to know where 🌼THERE is. It isn’t about a destination, though. It’s the process, the struggle, the adventure. 🌼THERE is a moving 🎯target- changing as we grow and learn. Isn’t that the best part of the journey? The surprises that lead us exactly where we’re supposed to be? 🌼THERE allows for possibilities. It encourages dreams. It requires risk. It forces honesty and vulnerability to the front of the line.

What if…we look for 🌼THERE? I’m not sure if I have what it takes to get 🌼THERE yet. I still have more to learn 🌸HERE. More work to do. Will I even know when I arrive 🌼THERE? Will I miss the 🌸HERE parts of me? Maybe. But- I know that life is about moving forward until I reach another plateau. We just have to keep following the 💡light until we get to our next THERE.💕

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