Got the Vaccine

Well, friends, I did it! I got my first dose of the COVID vaccine yesterday. I received the Moderna one, but I didn’t really care which one I got. As a teacher and someone with an elderly mother, it was important for me to be vaccinated. My state doesn’t have teachers on the current list- I know, crazy, right? We’re teaching in person- five days a week! We’re able to get extra doses available at specific clinics so that no vaccine is wasted. I happily put my name on that list.

The clinic did an excellent job of explaining all of the details. The shot was quick and easy. I was required to wait for 15- minutes before I could leave. I was expecting a sore arm but got more than just that in the side effects department.

By early evening, the chills came over me. Little aches crept into my bones. I slept well but woke up with a fever of 101.5. Tylenol was recommended for any symptoms, so I started there. Fortunately, it was a virtual learning day due to weather conditions. I could be home in my sweats, keep the Tylenol going, and still interact with my students.

My symptoms made me jump into research mode. Apparently, this type of reaction with the first dose shows that my immune system is primed. Possibly that I even had COVID at some point. I’ve always wondered about a weird illness I had late in February 2020- before we really knew about COVID. I assumed it was the flu, although it didn’t feel like any flu I ever had before. I even wrote about it (click here to read).

Even with these side effects, I’m thankful that I was able to receive the vaccine. I feel like I’m doing my little part to help with this pandemic. Keep distancing. Wear a mask. Wash your hands. Love one another- this is tough, my friends.

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