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Hey there, friends! The new school year is underway- and it is much different than any other school year! We wear masks unless we’re seated. Desks are spread throughout an otherwise empty room. We stop classes a few minutes early (“There’s Tinkerbell”- as the kids say- when the cleaning bell chimes) to use a special spray and microfiber cloth on each desktop in an effort to keep Coronavirus at bay. We try to do most things without sharing or touching items. For example- I can’t share my art supplies. I have most assignments on a learning management system, which allows me to read and grade student work virtually.

One thing that remains the same in my classes is the focus on reading and writing! Our current novels are: A TIME FOR ANDREW- Hahn (6th Grade), THE OUTSIDERS- Hinton (7th Grade), and NO MORE DEAD DOGS- Korman (8th Grade). Most of my middle schoolers have already written and posted introduction paragraphs and pieces with tips for teachers to our blog.

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 4.52.54 PM

We invite YOU to join us by following our classroom blog called Middle School Scoop at this web address:

The kids are all about getting those LIKES. Please click the stars for their pieces as often as possible. They LOVE looking at the stats- from the number of views to the countries represented by our readers.

Hope you enjoy their writings as much as they love sharing them with you!




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