First Day of School

It’s the first day of school in my district tomorrow. The first day back in the classrooms since we left for Spring Break back in March. I remember telling my students that there was a possibility we would have an “extended Spring Break” and that I would send their work via email if necessary. They looked at me like I was crazy. Truth be told- I thought I was a bit crazy for even telling them that! I thought that we’d be out an extra week- maybe two.

I will walk into year 30 of my teaching career with many “firsts” tomorrow:

  • wearing a mask
  • lining up my students in the hall with proper social distancing before entering the classroom
  • taking temperatures before starting class
  • specific seats that are spread throughout my classroom rather than my own desk layout
  • alphabetical seating
  • safe zones marked with tape on my floor
  • sanitizing my hands over and over and over
  • ice-breaker activities to greet the kids that don’t require any interaction- like the beach ball with silly questions I used to toss around to learn about my students
  • saying the words “moving equals masks” to remind my kids to wear masks anytime they are not seated in their designated spots
  • trying not to touch my face
  • cleaning desks at the end of every class period with special spray and wipes- and hoping the students stand appropriately and continue with the class during that process
  • discussing how to organize backpacks because lockers cannot be used
  • explaining that I can’t have a ‘borrowing cup’ for pencils or share my art supplies

Those are just a few. There are also some things that I do every year- and this one won’t be any different:

  • smiling and laughing with my kids
  • asking questions and listening to their answers
  • giving them attention
  • showing grace for things they may have forgotten over the summer
  • sharing my excitement about reading and writing
  • providing a space where it’s safe to learn- emotionally and physically
  • loving them through it all

Wish me luck!Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 5.44.56 PM

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