What If…You Use Your Mission Field

In addition to publishing in this space, I have been posting weekly writings to my social media platforms. I don’t share everything from this blog on social media. These Sunday posts started off as a way to spread some love and offer some topics to make people think. I enjoyed writing them, and they have been well received. But, social media is a beast these days. I was feeling a bit burnt out. I was ready to leave my writings on this blog. I changed my mind. Below is the post that I shared on my socials instead….enjoy!

This was going to be the last 📝writing I planned to post for you to read on Sunday mornings. I was feeling 😴tired. Not tired of writing- I 💝love to write, and I’ve had a blog for years. 😴Tired of trying to keep my chin up when everything around me seemed chaotic. 😴Tired of trying to bring 😀smiles when I see people hating on every single thing. 😴Tired of acting like I didn’t read those negative comments about teachers like me who feel nervous about all of the challenges for the upcoming school year. 😴Tired of the increasing ugliness surrounding the upcoming election. (Side note- one of my dearest friends and I have always shared different political opinions. Guess what? We still respect and 💞love one another! It’s not that difficult to love someone who doesn’t think like you do! 💯Try it!)

I think I was 😴tired of feeling like my words didn’t matter- that people were set in their ways, and no one was really looking for a weekly lift or a different perspective. It started to feel like social media- especially Facebook- was becoming too 😔heavy, too 😢depressing, too 😡angry. I felt like it was time for me to step away from those formats unless I was posting family pics to save and keep the writings on my blog.

I planned to share the link to my “sharing the stairs” blog for those who wanted to add it to their Bookmarks Bar. I 📝write more on my site than I post in other places, like Facebook or Instagram- everything from 😂silly stories to 🍝recipes. It’s my place to think out loud and save snapshots from life as we live it. I’d 💝love for you to follow (if you’re a WordPress user) or sign-up for my posts to arrive in your emails. My blog posts link directly to Twitter.✅ That profile is public (@dianneschramm), so feel free to follow me, and you will 👀see every post as I publish. You might even enjoy digging into the archives on my site!

Some things changed, though.✨

Last Sunday, our pastor talked about going into our mission fields and being a ✨light. He spoke of building a foundation for a life of 💖passion and 💞compassion. The more he talked, the more I understood that these weekly 📝writings were part of my mission field. That realization was strengthened when I read the comments and direct messages from my usual Sunday writing. Friends. Former students. Co-workers. Family. Random followers to my blog. Even Eloise, a sweet teacher from 🍀Ireland who wanted to let me know that she valued my words.💞

I don’t know how many people I reach with these posts- may be just the same folks. Maybe more. I 📝write what I’m thinking about- hoping to connect with others. 💞Some of you comment. 💞Some send messages to me. 💞Others share the posts. 💞There are even people who have told me that they look forward to my writings every Sunday. For that, I am genuinely grateful. You have no idea what that means to me.😍

img_1464To those of you who choose to read my words, thank you.💖 I hope that I’ve made you feel loved and respected. Maybe I gave you something to think about. Perhaps I said something that made you mad or upset, which is never my intent- by the way.😇 Ultimately, I hope that I have given you a reason to 😀smile on Sunday mornings. We’re all living on the edge of something. It’s important to bring some light to the darkness.

So- you’re stuck with me!😂 I’ll keep trying to spread 🌞 sunshine and offering some tough topics to make you think. As I maneuver through this crazy 🏫school year, I may be overwhelmed at times and miss some Sundays. Or you may log on a random Wednesday to find a piece. The schedule may not be set in stone, but I’ll still share writings on social media as well as my blog.

If you’re not interested, that’s okay. I know that I’m not everyone’s ☕cup of tea.💖Scroll on by. I’m just trying to use my mission fields.

What if…you use your mission fields, too? We all have them, you know.✅ Mine include the 📝writings and my classroom as well as my 🏠home and the trail where I exercise. If you really think about it, every place you go gives you the unique opportunity to be a ✨light. Your workplace. School. That 🏀sporting event. The grocery store. Even when you just travel through your fingers on the 💻keyboard…you can still be a light.✨


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