What If…Contradictions Hold the Keys

Screen Shot 2020-07-22 at 7.17.41 PMI love wordplay. There might be 🍌Bananagrams pieces on our kitchen table any given day. I like to rearrange the letters to spell words- looking for interesting ways to combine and build new ones. As a kid, I loved word searches. I’d beg for those thick 📚paperbacks full of them and complete the whole book! Crosswords- yep. I spend time looking up definitions of unique words or checking a thesaurus to expand my vocabulary. Playing with words is just a lot of fun for me.🎉 I guess you could say that I’m a Word Nerd.

I especially 😍love oxymorons- those words that contradict each other. Jumbo 🍤shrimp. 💧Drip dry. Small crowd. Only choice. Open secret. Original copy. Random order. Sad😌 smile.

There is an oxymoron often used lately: alone together. When you think about it, 2020 has become an oxymoron. ⏪⏩Contradictions are the theme of this year when very few things feel normal. You think that 2020 can’t get any stranger, then Kanye launches a presidential bid.💥 See what I mean? I thought it might be interesting to explore a few of the oxymorons that have somehow snuck into our lives while we weren’t looking.

  • Time🕗 is screaming by at warp speed. It’s also creeping ever so slowly.⏳
  • A fear isn’t the same thing as a safety precaution. Yet, safety precautions are misconstrued as 😱fears.
  • Some days, we’ve used all of the extra time to do big things, like write a 📗book (link to THE BORED BOOK). Other days are spent on the couch 📺binge-watching a Netflix series.
  • You can purchase your 🍕pizza or a new pair of shoes using contactless payments. Meanwhile, there’s a 💰💰coin shortage. Time to break out those penny jars!
  • Many states now have 😷mask mandates. What about those who have always lived behind a mask to keep up a charade?😳
  • Residents at my mom’s senior living apartments who have their own 🚗vehicles can now leave to go shopping as long as they wear 😷masks. I can’t even take my mom out for a milkshake through a drive-through in my Clorox-wiped car wearing masks AND opening the windows. Why? Because it’s not her own 🚗vehicle, and we can’t be 6-feet apart. (Yes- I’ve asked- and you won’t ever convince me that there are more germs in my car than there are at Walmart!)💯
  • Some dinners are 🍜culinary masterpieces straight from new Pinterest recipes. Sometimes, it’s mac-n-cheese straight from the blue box.
  • Folks have never missed a day of work. 🙌Some have learned to work from home. Others are making more 💵money through unemployment than they ever would have made on the job.
  • Online 💻shopping is so convenient that it’s easy to forget what the UPS driver just delivered. Do we order clothes for work or more sweatpants to work from home?
  • Folks argue that ⛪churches have to be open on Sunday mornings so they can pray. News flash- you can 🙏pray in the shower on Tuesday nights, too. Faith isn’t limited to a building.
  • Teachers and families have a lot of hope for the upcoming 📚school year. We also have a whole lot of 😬anxiety and concerns.
  • Places like Walmart kept us 🍝fed and clean during the long weeks of lockdown. People are thanking those stores for their efforts by ❌boycotting them now because of mask policies.
  • It’s thrilling to wander into shops. It’s also surreal because the stock can be weird (🐰Easter items in July?), and shelves may be empty. Who is buying all of the canned green beans, anyway?img_2154
  • The 🌞sunrise brings the joy of a new day. By 🌛nightfall, you may have experienced the full range of emotions from 😀happiness to 😢sadness to depression to confidence. Maybe even fear and 😠anger. I think it’s safe to say that this season of life is exhausting for all of us.
  • It must be incredibly challenging to work in the 🔬medical and political fields during a global pandemic. Armchair experts think the answers are easy.
  • We learn more 📑facts daily- sometimes with different information, sometimes just more detailed. With each new point comes a new conspiracy theory.👻
  • You get 🎉excited that some activity you’re looking forward to doing might actually happen. Then, that activity is postponed or canceled or tweaked so much that it doesn’t really look the same. 😢My friend called that being “disappointed but not surprised.”
  • Three months ago- visit every locally owned business as often as possible to help them stay afloat. 👍Now- whoops- can’t go in there anymore because they require face coverings.👎

Maybe the oxymorons of life are always there. Perhaps the life we’re living right now just amplified them. I’m not sure that they are all bad.

What if…contradictions hold the 🔑keys to full understanding? As with most things, I think they provide opportunities for learning and growth. The key is to recognize them and reflect- then, find the lessons.💖




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