Self-Care Sunday: Look for the Beauty

My husband and I had to divide and conquer💪🏻 this weekend. One kid was graduating from college in Arkansas while another was playing in a Premier Series volleyball🏐 tournament in Kansas City. Parents just have to do that sometimes. With five kids, this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve done that many times. We texted lots of pics and videos so we felt like we experienced both events. At the end of the day, we had one with a degree🎉 and the other with a first place🥇 medal.

If you’ve never been to Kansas City during the holidays, put it on your📝 list. The lights at the Country Club Plaza alone are worth it. Those lights are iconic- a signature of Christmas 🎄in the city.

I remember going there as a child to see the Plaza lights. We’d make a day of it- driving up to 🛍shop, 🍽eat, and soak up some holiday🎅🏼 spirit. We ate at Plaza III or The Bristol or Annie’s Santa Fe and shopped at Hall’s and Seville Square. Those places are gone now but the fond memories remain. Looking at those lights always brightens my mood and brings a smile to my face. Simply put- they’re beautiful. 😍

Seeing those lights made me think about looking for beauty❤️ in life. I didn’t have to walk the Plaza in Kansas City to see beauty. It’s all around me.

I see beauty in the lights our neighbors put on their homes. I see it in the Christmas 🎄tree sitting in the corner of our living room. It’s in the faces of the kids talking to 🎅🏼Santa at the mall. It’s in the sounds of holiday music. 🎶

Beauty isn’t limited to the holidays, though. It’s in my dog’s 🐶wagging tail and a full cup of fresh ☕️coffee. It’s in the sunshine ☀️ and 🌛moonlight. It’s my husband ❤️relaxing in his favorite recliner. It’s a bowl of ice 🍧cream. It’s the smiles 😀of our kids accepting a degree or winning a volleyball🏐 tournament.

What I’m trying to say is that beautiful things 🎁are everywhere- if we just open our 👀eyes.

Self-Care Sunday tip: look for the beauty. It’s there- every 😍single😍 day.

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