Self-Care Sunday: Community

I know that self-care kind of sounds like things you do BY yourself. But- it is really things you do FOR yourself. Being a part of a community is a perfect example of this.

Community brings people together. To laugh. To cry. To chat. To run. To read. To learn. To reach goals. To pray. To be silly. To be creative.

What about you? Who is in your community?

Maybe it’s the family in your own home.

Maybe it’s friends in your school.

Maybe it’s the people at your workplace.

Maybe it’s a town that joins together to love a family in mourning.

Maybe it’s the screaming fans in your football stadium.

Maybe it’s the athletes on your sports team.

Maybe it’s the runners you meet on Saturday mornings.

Maybe it’s the worshippers with you every Sunday.

Maybe it’s the artists creating in the studio with you.

Maybe it’s the parents of your kids’ friends.

Maybe it’s even the folks on your Facebook and Instagram feeds.

Having a community is so important. It brings people closer, and life should be lived together. We’re meant to be connected. We’re meant to share- our celebrations, our vulnerabilities, our gifts, and our challenges. That’s how we learn and grow.

Who are your communities? If you’re not sure, look around you. Examine your day to day life. Who is there? Who do you look forward to seeing? Who do you turn to when life is beautiful and when the storms hit? Who do you spend time with- for whatever reason?

Do you feel like it’s time to find some connections? You’re not alone. Even those people in your life who look like they have it altogether are looking for connections. So, go ahead. Take the risk and talk to people. Join a club or a gym or a group. Go to an event in your town. Take a class. Teach a class.

Your communities are out there. Claim them and cherish them. Your communities make you feel united with those around you. You’re a part of something. You belong!





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