Hair Color Extenders

I have friends who have little to no gray hair. My husband barely has salt and pepper in his naturally brunette locks. I am one of those folks who started to gray in my late twenties, promptly jumping on the hair color train. I assume that I’d pretty much be fully gray or some shade of white by now without my favorite color. I don’t tend to change up my true original color, which is a reddish brown. I just don’t want to be fully gray.

I know that gray can be beautiful. Think silver fox. Think platinum blonde. There’s even a shade of almost lavender-gray color that is currently popular with younger women. They’re choosing to be gray while I’m struggling to stay brunette. I like to think it’s not about vanity- that I just prefer myself with the same color I’ve had forever- although there probably has to be some vanity wrapped up in my decision to color my hair rather than let it turn fully gray.

It can be expensive and time-consuming to color my hair as frequently as it is needed to keep that brunette camouflage going. Several years ago, I discovered Clairol Root Touch-Up. I simply grab a box at the store when I’m doing my marketing and the ease continues. Preparation and application are simple. I take it slowly and make sure to work the temporary color through all of my roots. Leave it on for ten minutes and rinse. There are plenty of color choices, too. Finding your perfect match should be a breeze. I get the same basic color as my full color even though I don’t use this brand for coloring my full head of hair. The blend is amazing and surprisingly long-lasting. I can extend another couple of weeks before I need to do a full head of color.

I also found another product that I honestly never even considered until my stylist mentioned it. Have you ever used powder to touch up your roots? I saw those products on the shelves at places like Target or Sephora or Ulta- even at my salon- and assumed that they didn’t truly work. How could powder cover gray roots? I was wrong! They cover my gray roots quite well. As a matter of fact, I wish I had tried this hair color extender earlier in my hair color life. I was shocked at how easy the powder is to apply. I was even more shocked at how durable it is on those pesky roots. I figured it would wear off easily or brush away. Nope. It stays put until I wash it out.

There are many products that cover up gray roots in the two ways that I use. Honestly, I experimented with both the temporary root color and the powder before I found the ones that work best for my hair color and texture. The first touch-up color I chose was too light and the first powder I chose was too dark. It was trial and error to find the perfect color and brand. Don’t be afraid to do the same. Experiment. Find what works for your hair and your lifestyle.

As for me, I keep both on hand. I never know when I may see those roots coming through- my hair seems to grow quickly. I want to be ready to look and feel my best. While I love that sleek look of silver hair or the shine of gorgeous white hair on others, it’s not for me. Not yet anyway. In the meantime, these hair color extenders are inexpensive and uncomplicated options to keep my hair looking silky, smooth, and brunette in between full-color applications. Give one a try and see for yourself.

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