Quaint Little Getaways and Cozy Fall Fashion

I bet you have one of those towns within a couple hours drive that feels like you’ve traveled to a different space and time. One of those little towns that has carved a niche into the area with a flavor all its own. Eureka Springs, Arkansas, is one of those towns. Located in the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas, it was founded in 1879 and named because of the miraculous healing powers of the spring waters. The population is just over 2,000, yet it is estimated that close to a million folks wander the crooked streets every year.

Eureka Springs is known for Victorian homes, spas and a thriving arts community. It is common to see artists and musicians in Basin Park on any given day.  The historic downtown is full of quaint shops that carry unique goods you won’t find in any mall.  If you’re a foodie, Eureka Springs is the place for you. We have favorites but have never had a disappointing meal at any Eureka Springs restaurant.

Lodging choices range from cabins and treehouses to bungalows and haunted hotels, such as the Crescent and Basin Park. You may have seen those hotels featured on TV shows. Take the ghost tours. They are worth the time and money. The tales behind the hotels and their spirits are truly fascinating. We’ve stayed at both and never had an encounter of our own with ghosts. However, we did wake up to another guest screaming about a ghostly visitor one night at the Crescent.


Our family spent the day in Eureka Springs celebrating the engagement of our oldest son to his longtime girlfriend. He managed to pull off a surprise proposal and a luncheon with family. All of the parents and siblings managed to keep the secret! It was a beautiful reason for a little getaway in one of our favorite towns.

Following our lunch, we spent time just enjoying the downtown shops. It was one of those fall days when the sun stays behind the clouds and the air was misty and chilly. I chose a couple of my Peach pieces (the Duchess cape and the Newport sweatshirt) and paired them with jeans and suede loafers. It was the perfect outfit to wander from shop to shop while climbing narrow, rocky stairs and walking the uneven sidewalks. I was comfy and cozy all day!


One boutique owner even wanted to know where I got my gorgeous cape. PEACH, of course! She laughed as she asked if she could touch the fabric and look a little closer at the design.

If you haven’t found a town like Eureka Springs in your area, keep looking. Places like this one are rich with culture and provide the perfect little getaway for days that require a little something special.

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