5 Reasons You Should Be Using the Marco Polo App

When I first suggested the Marco Polo app as a fun and easy way for our family to communicate over time and space, I explained that it was similar to video texting. My kids said it was probably Snapchat for older people. Yeah- sure- whatever that meant! I have Snapchat and know that teens and twentysomethings, like my children, love the app. I downloaded it on my iPhone with the only purposes of seeing their accounts and using the filters for photos. Other than that, Snapchat is out of my league.

Marco Polo is different. Think of it as a video walkie-talkie. With Apple and Google Play options, this app is quick to set up and easy to learn. It will become your go-to choice for convenient communication because it is user-friendly and provides that face-to-face interaction.

Here are five reasons that you should give Marco Polo a try:

  1.  It’s a real conversation!   With texting, it can be difficult to read between the lines and gather the emotion or genuine sentiment behind comments. Was it sincere or sarcastic? No question when you actually see the person’s face and hear the tone of voice. 
  2. Message individuals or set up GROUPS!  This feature comes in handy. Easily chat with one person or many people and choose who you want in each group. We have a family group that includes all of our kids, which keeps everyone up to date. I’m in a Moms Group with other mothers of teenagers at our high school. We discuss everything from homework to curfews- and sometimes just vent or share stories with others who will understand!img_2528
  3. Messaging is FREE and UNLIMITED!   A couple of our kids live out of state. We love to video chat with them via Marco Polo for everything! We’ll send videos that include the family dog or just some ongoing joke. I feel connected to my kids in ways that regular texts of phone calls just can’t duplicate because I’m seeing their faces! Most Polos are stored on their server, which frees up space on your device. You can talk as long as you’d like and watch your again and again–they don’t disappear!
  4. Listen and record on your own time!   We’re all busy people. Busyness is almost a status symbol these days. I love FaceTime, but that requires the other person to be available at the same time I’m free. There are days that connecting in that way is impossible. Not with Marco Polo. Video your message and send! Your family and friends can watch and respond whenever it fits in their schedules. 
  5. So many options!   You can be creative with your videos. Marco Polo allows you to switch your voice and provides camera filters. You can text and doodle on your videos. BUT- you can also be hands-free. No typing required!

Just go to the App Store or Google Play to download Marco Polo on your iPhone, iPad, or Android. Then, share it with your friends to start chatting!


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