To Those Amazing Kids in Florida

I’m a teacher. I’m a mom. But, I’m also a human being who is sad, frustrated, and- quite frankly- frightened by all of the shootings. They just keep happening. We just keep saying we’ll do something. We just keep passing the buck.

Until now. Until you.


It feels like there’s an uprising. It looks like there’s a change coming. Because of you.

You took a horrific experience and turned it inside out. You lived through something during a school day that no one- student, teacher, custodian, coach, secretary, counselor, kitchen worker, principal- should ever have to face. These shootings should never happen in school. They should never happen in nightclubs. They should never happen at concerts. They should never happen in churches. They should never happen.

But, they do happen.

And, they keep happening.

Until now. Until you. Until kids from Florida decided that enough was enough.

I get tears in my eyes when I listen to you speak. You show passion. You have empathy. You are smart! You’re not just spouting off emotional arguments. You’ve done the research. You’re willing to keep learning all sides of the issue- and everyone knows that there are several points to consider. You’re asking the difficult questions and respectfully waiting for the responses.

No one knows how this will end. But, the time to talk and to listen with open hearts and minds is long overdue. I don’t claim to have the answers. I do know that the status quo clearly isn’t working. I’m relieved that a meaningful dialogue has begun. Something has to change. It won’t happen without people like you. My prayer is that it ends with no more mass shootings. Not one more.

As a teacher, I would be proud to call you my students. As a mom, I would love for my kids to have friends like you. As a human being, I’m hopeful because of your dedication and determination.

Thanks, kids from Florida. We’ve been waiting for you.

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