New Year- Ready or Not

My Facebook friends are copying and pasting a fun little New Year’s Day game. The idea is to use the first letter of your first name to post a one-word comment that should inspire the person for the new year. I haven’t left any comments, but I’ve thought of a few words that start with “D.” How about Dazzle? Or maybe Delight? There’s also Diversity, Deliciousness, Dedication, Dream, Daring, Decisive, or Direction.  Nah- I’m not feeling any of those words on this freezing first night of 2018. Think I’m just going to keep scrolling by those posts.

I’m usually a fan of the One Word philosophy rather than making resolutions. I choose one word to carry me through the year. Some words that I’ve chosen have been helpful and brought much-needed focus. The word PRESENT did that for me. I would consciously remember that word- PRESENT- when I found myself distracted by my phone or my to-do list rather than living in the moment. It actually worked.

Another year, I chose the word LISTEN. My intention was to LISTEN- to the noise, to the silence, and to my instincts. That word was awesome in theory, but completely sucked in practice. I abandoned it and went back to my trusted word- PRESENT- within two months.

I find myself in a bit of quandary about my word for this year. This one is set up to include a multitude of changes. And, those are just the things I know about! We all understand that life has a way of taking twists and turns that we could never foresee. I have this excitement about the year ahead, yet I’m digging my heels into the ground to slow down what is about to happen. I’m a bit of a contradiction at the moment. It’s like, 2018 is here- yikes!

Maybe there is a “D” word that can deliver me into this new year, this year of fresh starts. I’m going with DISCOVER. That’s really what I’ll be doing this year. It’s time to DISCOVER what I actually have in me. It’s time to DISCOVER all of the people and experiences around me. No more phoning it in. It’s time to get out there and DISCOVER!

Ready or not, it’s time to DISCOVER what 2018 has in store.

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