I Think Maybe God Wears Running Shoes

Church, for me, was running a few miles alone with God today. Sometimes, that’s my personal time to reflect and give thanks. I lace up my shoes and pull up my Running Playlist. Worship songs. Upbeat songs. Happy songs. Something to provide the backbeat to my thoughts.image

When I head out for a run, my mind is often clouded. There’s a lot that goes into just doing life each day. It can be pretty overwhelming at times. There never seems to be time to just be still. I always assume that I’ll find some peaceful moment at the end of the day, but that never seems to happen. I just fall into bed, grab a few hours of sleep, and start all over again.

imageBut, going for a run slows down the spin of my world. Seems kind of funny, right? That I put my body into motion only to slow down my thoughts and find stillness in my mind. It works. Anyone who has ever gone for a run alone knows exactly what I’m talking about. These are the moments that I find my mind clearer and my connection to God closer. Just looking around at the wonders that I pass is often enough to bring back the peace of mind that sometimes eludes me during the chaos of life.

When I turn into my driveway and hit the stop button on my Garmin, I am refreshed, body and soul. I think maybe God wears running shoes and runs along with me. For this, I am thankful. I am whole.

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