The Frosty Truth

When I was a little kid, some 📺TV shows were treated as events in our house. Because they only aired once a year, you either watched or missed out until the following season. I remember making time for movies like The Sound of Music and The Wizard of Oz. My dad popped 🍿popcorn with lots of salt and 🧈butter to share while we watched. The yellow bowl for his popcorn was larger than the rest of the bowls- not sure why. 🤷🏻‍♀️Maybe he figured he earned the big bowl since he was the popper. It never mattered. He popped more than we could eat anyway.

Several 🎄holiday-themed shows turned into 🍿popcorn events. We gathered in the family room with our treats, ready to watch from beginning to end. No switching channels during commercials because there were no remote controls. Commercials meant bathroom breaks or trips to the kitchen for more snacks. If we didn’t make it back in time, someone would yell HURRY! because the show was coming on.

There was one particular show that I dreaded.😬 I loved the whole family TV-watching event, but I just didn’t like this one. Frosty the Snowman. ⛄️The songs were cute. Frosty was funny. But- dang- that show was not a holly jolly movie.👎🏻 In fact, it was 😭sad and depressing. The idea that sweet Karen had to figure out a way to keep Frosty alive- oh my goodness! C’mon- who thought that was a happy holiday message for kids? When things turned dark in that show, I found reasons to head to the kitchen or the bathroom. I grabbed a coloring book or my Barbie dolls- anything besides watching the screen with Karen 🥶freezing as she cried with Frosty in that 🚂train car. Of course, I’m leaving out the whole kids stealing the 🎩hat and the horrible behavior of that magician parts! There’s a lot going on in this one- and most of it is not great.☹️

Here’s the frosty ❄️ truth. The 🎄holidays aren’t great for a lot of people. Folks around us aren’t necessarily feeling festive. Instead, there’s 😢sadness, despair, and loneliness wrapped around feelings of ✨hope. Let’s remember that as we move through this season. Lift people. Spread good cheer. Grab joy wherever you find it. Find a way to offer grace. Love your neighbor.💖

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