Canopy of Life

So, want to know the strange part about significant life changes? You miss the little things. Small moments. 🥰After experiencing some big changes recently, I’ve discovered that the interactions with people- the seemingly insignificant, little connections- meant the most.

Ken and I are empty nesters now. I don’t really like that phrase. Something about it seems negative. It implies that we’re bored or boring. Neither is true. Yes, our 🏡house is quieter now. I miss doing homework and crafts at the dining room table. Board games and 🧩puzzles. Waking up kids for school who never got out of bed quick enough. 🎶Music blaring in bedrooms. Watching TV together on the couch. Sharing cake without bothering to cut 🍰slices- just using forks. Sitting in the bleachers and chatting with other parents. People teasing Ken about how many bags of 🍿popcorn he’d eat before the game ended. Photos before dances. Teenagers raiding the kitchen. Little things.

I spent years in school buildings. I’m sure there are a few similarities to other workplaces. However, 🚌schools are very different from most. Want to know some things I miss the most- besides kids and teaching my favorite lessons? Rushing to the 🚽bathroom between classes with the same teachers and chatting from the stalls. 🖐🏻High fives from kids who pass by my door. Those 🙄looks from teachers in my hallway that said everything I needed to know. Visiting my friends upstairs during my plan time. Little things.

I had the chance to revisit some small but special moments at lunch with former co-workers from my first teaching job earlier this week. I spent 16 years with those wonderful people. We told stories and laughed at the memories we shared. 💕It was a chance to enjoy time together, remember how blessed we were to know one another, and make new memories.😍

I think that is really the takeaway. The people who share our lives are what truly matter. 🥰All the people along the way who built a great canopy surrounding us with changing textures and colors, shadows and light, love and loss. Some stay along the path throughout our lifetimes. Others moved to the background; nevertheless, they were there. And isn’t that a beautiful thing?💖

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