Who Do You See?

I probably look in the 🪞mirror too much. It’s not done in vain. I’m good with the 😂laugh lines. I understand that my left 👀eye is droopier since I broke my face in a fall during a run several years ago. Rosacea might cause my cheeks to be a little bit 😊red. I have a widow’s peak AND a cowlick that makes a center part in my hair impossible. 🤷🏻‍♀️Both eyes host crow’s feet now, and that’s okay. I look in the mirror to check for the things I can fix. Food stuck in my 😬teeth. Hair that looks wild from the 💨wind. Dust in my contact lenses. I want to present the best version of myself at the moment.😍 Sometimes, the ‘best me’ has the perfect 💋lipstick shade, bright eyes, and luscious, shiny hair. Other times, the ‘best me’ wears no makeup and 🤓glasses, piling my hair in a messy bun. I love both.🥰

Isn’t it strange that we never actually see our own faces?🤔 We only see the image or reflection, not the actual face. Maybe that’s why it’s easy to amplify those things we ❤️love and ❌hate about our faces. We really don’t know what we look like to other people. We can’t. There’s another message in there if you want to go deeper. Think about it.

When I look in the mirror, who do I see?

🪞I see someone who overthinks. Every. Single. Thing.

🪞Someone who trusts in goodness, regardless of the ugliness in the world

🪞Someone who doubts herself daily. Ask my husband. He’s an expert at helping me turn that doubt around.

🪞Someone grateful

🪞Someone who surprises herself with what she can do when she sets her mind to it

🪞Someone who is an introvert and an extrovert- just depends on the situation

🪞Someone content and joyful

🪞Someone who is wickedly funny and witty- but often keeps it in her head

🪞Someone who truly believes that kindness matters

🪞Someone who gets frustrated when things don’t come easily

🪞Someone who believes in people, unless you’re a jerk- then, all bets are off

🪞Someone who has hopes and dreams

🪞Someone who needs to practice patience

🪞Someone who tries her best most days and gives herself grace when she can’t

🪞Someone who knows that love never fails

Who do you see when you look in the 🪞mirror? Is that who you want to see?💖


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