Ways to Support Schools

Do you want to know what 🍎educators need from us now that school is underway? Since I spent many years in the 📚classroom, let me lift the veil so you can have a clearer picture. Whether you have kids in the school system or not, there are plenty of ways you can support education in your community. 👍🏻

✏️If you have kids- 👏🏻send 👏🏻them 👏🏻to 👏🏻school! It sounds simple, but it’s not happening with far too many families. Monitor the homework. Check their grades. Get to know their teachers. Make sure your kiddos know that school is important. Value their education and the people working so hard to provide it- including everyone in the schools, from teachers and bus drivers to cooks and custodians.

✏️Remind them that phones are NOT school supplies. I can tell you firsthand how frustrating it is to teach while battling hidden phones. Not fun at all! While we’re talking about phones, please don’t text your kids during school to tell them that their dog died or you fought with their dad. They will find a way to read your text (um- bathroom breaks!), which will ruin a day of learning. Just wait for them to come home.

✏️Always get the full story from all parties involved. I know that it’s tempting to believe that our kiddos always do the right things. The fact is- sometimes they don’t. That doesn’t make them terrible kids. It brings teachable moments. Bad decisions happen. Show them how to accept responsibility.

✏️If your child disrespectfully speaks to you, guess what? They will talk to other adults in that same way. Food for thought.

✏️Some kiddos need help with organization. Heck- most kids need help with that! Show them some things that work for you. Work together to figure out solutions.

✏️Routines are your friends! Set them. Follow them. Adapt and adjust as needed, but establish guides for your school year.

✏️Bedtime shouldn’t be a dirty word. You’d be shocked at the number of exhausted kids who spend most nights playing video games or on their phones. They think parents don’t know. Now, you know. You’re welcome.

What if you don’t have students in your home? You can still be a positive force for the schools. ✅Vote for bond issues and responsible board members who will do what’s best for kids. ✅Support activities- sports, theatre, music, art shows. ✅Send snacks for backpacks for kids who are experiencing food insecurity. ✅Volunteer to work in concession stands. ✅Contribute to Donor’s Choose projects. ✅ Donate pencils or boxes of tissues. ✅ Send a big bag of candy for staff to use as rewards. ✅Call the school and ask what they need.

It takes a village.🙌 Let’s do whatever we can to put our kids on the path to success by supporting the valuable work happening in schools.💖

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