Why Not Me?

We have an end-of-year celebration🎉 on the last day of each school year. Some people skip out early for 🏖vacations, family commitments, or just because they are mentally and physically done with school. Those who can stay enjoy lunch and conversation as we celebrate surviving another year and those who are moving on.🥰 One of my coworkers who spoke to the group this year said something that resonated with me. It was something that I think our culture needs to hear.

He recognized another staff member who set the bar high. Someone who does whatever needs to be done. Period. No whining. No questions. No waiting to see if someone else will step up. No passing the buck. Just does it.✅

Have you ever heard someone say, “That’s not my job”? Maybe you’ve been the one to utter that phrase. 😬It happens. We get so wrapped in our titles and job descriptions🙄 that we forget it’s ALL our job. Every bit of it is OUR job. 💯If we are on the clock, our actions count. If something needs to be done, just do it. So forget about your job description. Ignore the assigned role. Someone has to do it. As my coworker said in his speech, “Why not me?”🙌

I’m going to take that idea even further than a workplace. Think about life. Maybe we need to stop assuming it is someone else’s responsibility. 👍🏻Maybe we need to suck it up and do what needs to be done. 👍🏻Maybe we need to think of someone besides ourselves. 👍🏻OUCH- that one stings! We all walk right past things we shouldn’t. We’re all guilty of looking the other way sometimes- intentionally or unintentionally. 🙋🏻‍♀️If you didn’t know it now, you’ll realize it later. Look around. We just keep doing our own things with our eyes focused in front of us. But- really- why not us? Why can’t we step up and do the right thing whenever we notice something? Don’t wait for a big deal. Step up! Plenty of little things in our homes and out in the world need our attention. What’s stopping us? ⏰Time? Fear? Lack of empathy for specific situations? 🙃Apathy? 😬Self-absorption? All of the above?

Ask yourself. Why not me? Somebody has to do it- whatever it is. Why not me? And- step up with a smile.💖

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