What If…We Expect It

I’m not a fan of public 🚽restrooms. I am not going into one unless it’s unavoidable. 😬When my kids were young, I trained them to get in and out without touching anything unnecessary. Sinks are big issues because you never know if they will be set up correctly. Pushing a knob to turn on the 💦water several times AFTER washing with 🧼soap defeats the effort. Opening a 🚪door after washing your hands? Who thought that was a good idea? Can’t we just push the 🚪door with elbows or feet? And, for the love of all things good, please put a trash can by the door if you have to pull it because I’m going to use a paper towel on that handle!

I couldn’t avoid a public 🚽restroom the other day. It was clean and empty. 👍🏻That’s a win in the public bathroom world. Another issue- it’s not fun to do your business with someone a foot away, separated by metal partitions with gaps that allow for sneak 👀peeks. That’s just weird! Anyway, after entering the stall, a mom came out of nowhere and entered with a little girl.😳 The mom went into the stall next to me, asking the little girl to wait for her. You know what the little girl did next? She crawled on the floor- her long hair sweeping the tile- into MY stall and asked, “Are you peeing?”🤦🏻‍♀️ I can’t make this stuff up!😂

That 🚽bathroom scenario is the perfect analogy for life. Nothing prepared me for a little girl crawling under my bathroom stall to check my progress! 🤪Definitely didn’t expect that. If she was my kid, that little girl would have been standing in the middle of the room- 😱afraid to move! If my kid crawled on a public 🚽bathroom floor, I might have headed home to toss her in the 🛁tub! But, it’s like life, you know. When you least expect it, expect it. Things happen for reasons we cannot understand.🤷🏻‍♀️

Our reactions to those unexpected things really matter. We can always choose the way we handle situations, and our choices ultimately make things better or worse.💯 I waved at the little girl, and 😊smiled. What else was I supposed to do? I did wait until they left the restroom before exiting my stall. It was a little awkward, after all.😂 When I told my family about it, they were howling with laughter. They know how I feel about public 🚽restrooms and thought the whole thing was hilarious. I laughed along with them. It was funny! Unexpected and funny.

Some unexpected things can be goofy, like my bathroom visitor. Others can be life-altering in both 🌸beautiful and 💩terrible ways. Yet, we always get to choose our reactions.🌟 That’s where our control hides- right there in our choices.✅ What if…we expect it? Whatever IT might be. We may not know when it’s coming but know this. It’s coming over and over again. Life is full of unexpected moments. Choose your reactions wisely, friends, because they chart your course.💖

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