What If…You Eat the Cake?

My 🎂birthday was on Saturday. I love that my birthday falls around Thanksgiving. I feel like I get two 🎉celebrations in one- turkey and birthday 🎂cake! The fact that I share the holiday week with a day of thanks isn’t lost in me. It’s made me conscious of living a life full of gratitude. 🙌🏻

When I was a little girl, I didn’t really have any 😍fanciful notions of what my life would be like as I grew older. I never wanted to be a 👸🏻princess or live in a 🏰castle. I didn’t have visions of gowns and diamond 👑tiaras. I’m a logical 🤔thinker, and I’ve approached my life in that way from a young age. It’s been fairly easy for me to connect the dots between the different points as I grew up. A few things happened as expected, but others were far from what I imagined. Many views changed as I learned more about the 🌎world. Sometimes, I took the hard road. Sometimes, it was simply the path less traveled. But, I’ve always found my way. ☺️

I assumed I’d be 😀happy. While I am definitely happy now, but there were times that I couldn’t say that I felt happiness in my life. 😔 I’m old enough to know that’s how life works. Hills and valleys. 🌈Rainbows and ⛈thunderstorms.

I knew that I wanted to meet all kinds of people and see things that would challenge me and teach me throughout my life. There were people in my life who died far too young. 😢I hoped that I wouldn’t be part of that group. I had things to do. I wasn’t sure exactly what they were, but I had things, nonetheless.

Looking back at my life on my birthday, I realize some things that logical little girl got right.✅

💝Family meant everything and still does.

💝I knew education was important. College wasn’t some afterthought. It was part of my logical plan.

💝School was always a fun place for me, and I saw myself in a classroom as a teacher.

💝I understood that things happen for a reason. I also understood that I wouldn’t always know why.

💝I hoped for a husband to share my life with- and I got an incredible one.

💝I wanted to be a mother. It’s a role that I take very seriously. I’ve tried hard not to screw up too badly. No one’s perfect, but I will always bring my A-game to my kids.

💝I didn’t let my struggles define me. I used them as ways to reach new heights and help others.

💝I loved big- even when it was hard.

💝I learned that it’s better to understand than to judge. Not easier, but better.

💝I smiled even when I didn’t feel like it.

💝I forgave. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t cry myself to sleep at the time. But, I found forgiveness, and it was the right thing.

My grandmother always said that age was just a number, and she wanted lots of numbers. She was right. I hope to have lots of numbers, too. How about you? What if…you eat the cake? You know what I’m talking about, right?💫Live like it’s your birthday! 💫Switch things up. 💫Try something new. 💫Open your mind. 💫Make a wish, blow out the candle, and see where life takes you. 💖


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