What If…We Calm Down and Listen

Am I the only one logging onto 📱social media just hoping to see 🏖vacation pics and read some funny family anecdotes? Give me those workplace vent sessions or the stories of 😇God winks. Heck- I’d love a good 🍝recipe or a show recommendation to binge-watch. But, you know what I don’t want to see anymore? The 😡arguments. The 🤡shaming. The 🥸experts in disguise. The insults in the comment sections. Aren’t we all tired of that nonsense?🙋🏻‍♀️

C’mon. Enough already. You have opinions. I get it. I have opinions, too. We might even have some knowledge and experience with specific topics. BUT- I know for sure that I am 🚫not an expert in every freaking thing. Not politics. Not 😷pandemics. Not 💉vaccines. Not hospital procedures. Not 🔬medical research. At best, I’m a bystander who tries to get information from credible sources- yes- more than one.✅

During any given scroll through Facebook, I see folks arguing with 🩺medical professionals. I read the nastiest 👿comments thrown back and forth at every angle of a topic. I see 👹hate and bitterness and closed minds- and it stinks. It’s exhausting, isn’t it? I can’t be alone in this feeling.🙁

If my ✂️hairstylist tells me that bangs wouldn’t work on me because I have a huge cowlick in front, I’m going to assume she knows more about hair than I do. When my 🦷dentist tells me that it’s a good idea to put a crown on a tooth before it cracks too much, I get that crown to save the tooth. If my mechanic says that my 🚗vehicle needs an oil change every 6,000 miles, I will pay attention to mileage and get it done. When my trainer says I might want to rethink 🍧ice cream every night because abs are made in the kitchen, I’ll consider it because I know it’s true. I don’t have to craft an argument for every single thing. I’m also aware that there are consequences to my actions. 💯Life is like that, you know.

I’ve seen something else on Facebook over the last few days- so many posts about loved ones hooked up to ventilators. Or transported to hospitals in other areas because ours are full. Or dying from COVID. It’s heartbreaking.

The lecture from this teacher is short this week. We’re not going to climb the 🏞mountain if the arguments for the sake of arguing continue. We won’t reach the top if we don’t trust one another- especially in situations when professionals do, in fact, know more than we do. 🌟We can’t work together if 👻hostility and ☠️aggressiveness continue to be the rule rather than the exception. What if…we calm down and listen? It can’t hurt to try, can it? 😊We’re all in this together- during a 🌎global pandemic and every other day we’re lucky enough to be here. Let’s remember that and work together.💖

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