CPAP Recall Alternative

Hallelujah for the brilliant minds behind Bongo Rx! I have been a CPAP user for my severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea for a few years now. (You can read all about my initiation to using a CPAP here.) I found that it was pretty refreshing to actually get enough oxygen during the night. It was a welcome change to feel rested during the day. I loved waking up without a dry mouth and throat. My husband was thrilled that he didn’t have to worry when I choked for air throughout the night anymore. I learned how to navigate the tubing quickly- even found comfortable ways to sleep on my side. Travel with the device wasn’t too much of a hassle. Overall, the trade-offs were worth the health benefits.

Then came the recall. My particular device- the Philips DreamStation- was part of a worldwide recall that included several types of CPAPs and ventilators. The order stated to halt use immediately and register the device with their website. Okay- I registered my device. I stopped using it.

Now what? I still had the same sleep issues. I still needed to get enough oxygen every night.

Enter the Bongo Rx system- first released by AirAvant Medical in 2019! It is a portable nasal device that uses expiratory positive airway pressure (EPAP). A prescription is needed. My doctor and I agreed to give it a try, and I’m so glad that we did. After fitting the proper sized nasal device for my nose (the starter kit has four to try), I found that my breathing seemed similar to breathing with the CPAP. I’ve been using the device for almost three weeks now with no complaints. The only weird thing is that it came out of my nose during the night twice, and I didn’t notice until I woke up. This was when I was trying to figure out the proper size- I just needed a tighter fit. (I easily found the device near my pillow.)

Here are some of the best things about using Bongo Rx:

  • It’s portable! On a recent flight, I just popped the small container into my purse! No carry-on bag just for my CPAP.
  • It doesn’t require electricity. I can literally use it anywhere!
  • No tubing to manuever throughout the night.
  • No distilled water to fill.
  • Care and cleaning is a breeze! Just wash the nasal device with gentle soap and put it on the little stand included with the kit to air dry.
  • No telltale lines of the CPAP strap going across my face. Those lines take quite awhile to fade every morning.
  • That CPAP belly bloat from the continuous air pumped into my body every night is gone!
  • I can move around in bed or even get out of bed without the worry of the turning off the machine or removing the tubing.

I doubt I’ll go back to the CPAP even after this recall mess is cleaned up. Bongo Rx is the way to go for my needs. Talk with your doctor and do the research if you’re a CPAP user with questions- especially if you’re looking for a possible solution from the recall. It could be good for you, too.

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