What If…Love Conquers All

When Ken and I were dating, it was a long-distance 😍relationship. We drove several ⏰hours each way to spend time together. When I visited him, the guy usually found time to wash and wax my 🚗vehicle. He chose to 🍽cook for me rather than head out to restaurants. He carried my bags to the car when it was time to leave.

Long before I knew about the Five Love Languages, I knew that my husband was a doer. When he sees a need, he jumps in to take care of it. ✅Doing things for others is how he expresses 💜love.

The Five Love Languages were identified by Dr. Gary Chapman, an author, pastor, and radio host. The 📚book has sold over 13 million copies so far. There’s a 💻website for those who prefer to digest information in that form that includes links to quizzes. So take a moment to discover your 💜love language. The five languages include words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving 🎁gifts, quality time, and physical touch. Huggers- are you feeling that last one? Take the quiz. Your quiz results could surprise you!

Knowing the 💜love languages of your loved ones and your own helps you connect in more meaningful ways. For example, I know that my mom loves everything that has to do with 🎁gifts. She loves choosing the right 🎁gifts to give. She’s like a kindergarten kid when she’s on the receiving end. 😂She loves the process of opening presents and the thrill of finding out what’s inside the box. She endlessly says thank you for her gifts. It’s a big deal to her! 🎉We tried to feed this 💜love language during the pandemic, so we sent little surprises to her often. We also helped her get the perfect 🎁gifts for others when she couldn’t get out to shop.

Interestingly, I scored a 0% in the gift category. I have a blast choosing the right gifts. I just don’t need to receive them to feel loved. My strongest 💜love language is acts of service, like Ken, followed closely by quality ⏰time and words of affirmation. My results don’t surprise me. I know that my connections to people are what nourishes my soul. I want to do things for others. 💕I appreciate it when someone does something for me. 💕I crave time with my people. 💕And, affirming words stick with me long after they are said. 💕

We’re all different, but we all need 💜love in our lives. We need to give it just as much as we need to receive it. We also have to understand that our quests in the name of 💜love aren’t the same. Go ahead- remind others what makes you feel loved. Pay attention to the ways that the people in your life need love. Just get out there and sprinkle some love wherever you go!🥳

One of our kids recently drove here from Chicago for the first time in a year. Guess what Ken did before that visit was over? He detailed the entire 🚗car. Acts of service, as usual, to show his love. What if…love conquers all? Take the time to find out your 💜love language. You know you’re curious.💖


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