Christmas Reimagined

I don’t know about you, but Christmas in 2020 isn’t going to be like our typical Christmas. We have a big, beautiful, blended family with adult kids who live far from home. Ever since our oldest daughter did a college internship at Disney in Orlando followed up by a career there, the whole gang has been gathering in the Florida sun to celebrate the holidays.

By now, we would have checked into the resort or Airbnb. We would have chosen the perfect spot for a tiny tree, stockings, and gifts. We would have already started the memories- full of stupid jokes, lots of laughter, delicious treats, Disney parks, and probably a visit to the hot tub.

Not this year. The holidays aren’t going to be normal. It sucks- no doubt about it. So- it’s a Zoom Christmas with some. A couple will be able to stop by our house. BUT- we are all doing the right thing. It makes our simple celebration so much sweeter- knowing that we are on- what we believe to be- the right side of history.

Christmas during a pandemic doesn’t change the reason for the season. Focus on the real gift. Merry Christmas, friends. Be well!

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