New ETSY Site

My son has many talents. One of them is graphic design. Since he was laid off from his job in the theatre industry during the pandemic, he took the opportunity to grow his love of art from hobby to small business. He just launched a new ETSY site- and I can’t wait for you to see his work!

Book Illustration
Album cover art
Book jacket design (PS- he was also my co-writer for this one!)
Virtual quarantine postcard
Customer request
Designed from photos

Zane can design anything your artsy heart desires. Logo? Album art? Custom cards? Digital prints? Personalized gifts? Yep- and MORE! Follow him on Instagram:


Head on over to his new ETSY shop to see a few samples and connect with Zane for all of your GRAPHIC DESIGN needs! Here’s the link:

Zane’s Etsy Shop

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