What If…We’re Grateful Every Day

November is the month that brings the whole idea of being 😍grateful out of the shadows and into the light. Thanksgiving is a big reason for that, of course. Having a day set aside simply for giving thanks shines that 💡spotlight on gratefulness.

During November, people post their 30 days of 😍gratitude. There’s even a hashtag to attach to those posts- #givethanks. Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of sharing our 😍gratitude. Anytime we can share feelings of love and 😍gratitude and thankfulness- it’s a good thing. Always. Keep doing that!💯

But- what does 😍gratitude really mean if we only notice it in November? Aren’t we still grateful in April and August? It’s always there, you know- in the grand moments and the small ones. It’s in your interactions with others. 😍Gratitude is felt every morning with the promise of a new day! Most of the time- even in a year like 2020- we don’t have to 👀look too hard to find it. We just have to try.

With a nod to the 30-days of 😍gratitude, here’s a list of 30 things that I’m grateful for. Some of them are on my 📝Forever Grateful List. Others are more In-the-Moment 😍Gratitude. Whatever the category- these things represent my grateful 💖heart.

  • a husband who truly 💞loves me unconditionally- when I’m 😊fun, when I’m 😡not so fun, when I repeat myself😂
  • the grocery store freezer that had one pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food 🍨ice cream left
  • weather temperatures that don’t require coats
  • remote start on my 🚗vehicle- bonus points for the fact that it works from my classroom door
  • the group text with my kids that is packed with 😂goofiness
  • the individual texts from my kids that are loaded with 💝love
  • having parents who modeled incredible parenting and paved a path for me to follow🙌
  • Christmas lights, Christmas🌲 trees, Christmas 🎶music- you get the point
  • my mother learning how to FaceTime during a pandemic
  • my job- even on those days when I come home exhausted😴
  • masks that don’t move down my 😷face while I teach
  • sunshine- it really is that simple🌞
  • a cup of strong black ☕coffee in the morning- okay, several cups
  • the way my 🐕dog plops himself right next to the chair when I’m working
  • Angie’s Boom Chicka Pop Sweet and Salty Kettle Korn- trust me on this one
  • finding the perfect 🎁gifts for family and friends
  • sleeping late on Saturday mornings
  • whole-wheat toast- just a bit 🔥burnt- with creamy peanut butter
  • people who accept me- and everybody else- just the way we are🌟
  • warm laundry, straight from the dryer- I don’t even mind folding it- call me weird
  • genuine empathy😇
  • our big, beautiful, blended family for always putting in the effort to make it work💞
  • calming silence
  • joyful noise🎉
  • a fresh start
  • my coworkers who just get it- especially this year✔
  • students who have quickly learned to “go with the flow” and adapt right along with their teachers
  • laughter 😂because it really has healing powers
  • actual 💊medicine when we need something more potent than a laugh to recover
  • that my kids have grown up to be good people with loving hearts💝

What if…we’re 😍grateful every day? Just open your heart and be willing to receive it. When you focus on 😍gratitude, you’ll see that it’s been there all along.💖

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