What If…We Lift Each Other

We spend a lot of ⏰time on the sidelines at volleyball games. It’s a lot of fun to watch the teamwork, the awesome 🔥kills, those 💥aces, a few shots that defy the 🌟odds. Want to know my💖 favorite thing about going to our daughter’s volleyball games? Watching her 🎉root for everyone on the court. The girl is just as genuinely happy to see a teammate block the ball as she is when she does it herself. When she’s on the bench, Angelina can hardly sit in a seat because she is 🎉cheering for every play- often louder than those of us in the stands.

She’s not the only player who does this. There’s a whole lot of 🎉cheering and jumping up from the seats for killer💥 plays as well as those💞 pats on the back when the moves weren’t magic.

💝Encouragement means a lot. Our words and actions have the power to turn ☔bad days around. The power to reach through the curtain and bring someone back to the main 🎭stage. The 💡power to change lives.

As a teacher, I’m in the position to ☺boost or 😢crush my students with my words every minute of the day. I’m very conscious of this fact, and I choose my words carefully.💘Many corrections begin with the phrase, “I love you, but…” I love you, but you still have to turn in your homework on time. I love you, but you have to stop doing TikTok dances in your seat during instructions. You get the idea. Those kiddos know my intentions come from a pure place even when I’m expecting the behavior or the work ethic or the attitude to change. I also follow up with something that I think is 🌟awesome about them- giving them a sense of reassurance to move forward.

We’re all in the position to ☺boost or 😢crush each other as well. In the workplace. At the mall. In the gym. At home. On the trail. At a restaurant. Every single place we have interactions with other people provides the opportunity to spread a little 🌞sunshine. Do it! Every time!🙌 Do you really need to yell at the teenager for putting Reese’s Pieces in your Blizzard instead of Reese’s Cups? How about thanking him for the hard work or asking her about her favorite class at school instead?

I can’t say this often enough: be an encourager- not a discourager. Feeling supported is enormous! You don’t have to stand up and shout. There are millions of ways. Be patient in line.✔ Let that other driver cut in front of you.✔ Send a random text. ✔Smile. ✔Listen. ✔Straight up tell someone you appreciate them. ✔Do a chore for someone- just because.✔ Send a note in the mail.✔ Sprinkle compliments into your conversations. ✔Say thank you!💝

When I came home from work the other day, I noticed a sticky note from Ken on my mirror that simply said, “I love you.” 😍That little surprise was all it took to take that end of the day tired sigh and turn it into a great, big smile!

So, what if you’re the one who needs a dose of optimism? 😞Don’t be afraid to ask. There’s no shame in letting folks know you need a lift. Believe me- there have been many times when I needed a boost and didn’t reach out. Waiting too long to confess 😵frustrations and anxieties just brings on a greater sense of doubt and gloom. Be honest that you are struggling and need encouragement. People are good- you’ll see!💞

What if…we lift each other?💞 We need to make a habit of boosting the morale of those around us. Want to know a secret? When we lift others, we also lift ourselves. 🙌Trust me on this one.💖


  1. It’s easy to be a discourager, and it takes that much more strength to find ways to lift another person up. Such an important message in a great post. Thanks for sharing, Dianne!


    1. Thanks for the feedback! I agree with you. It’s often easier to land in those negative spaces- especially during this crazy year. It’s important to find those places where we can encourage those around us.


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