What If…This Year Didn’t Feel Cursed?

2020 hasn’t been the year that many of us hoped it would be so far. There’s been a lot to process. 😢This past week, I watched the video of a black man begging for breath. For almost 10 minutes, he pleaded- along with the crowd gathered at the scene- before becoming silent as a result of the white officer’s knee crushing into his neck, his face smashed into the pavement. That moment was horrifying to watch. Then came the protests and the riots. There were threats to social media outlets. 😔We’re also in the middle of a global pandemic- in case that slipped your mind.😷

My ❤️heart hurts. My head 🌀swirls. I’m searching for the 📝words that aren’t coming. It’s heavy. 2020 is full of things we must process, though.

img_9446It’s 😠uncomfortable, and it should be. It’s 😱frightening, and it must be. It’s important- maybe important enough for changes to happen. 🙌🏻Finally. Changes- plural- because we aren’t dealing with just one virus.

What part do you want to play in all of this? 🤔Where do you stand on any of the critical issues? How much will be enough with any one of them before you rise up rather than just observe?

Pick your cause. There are too many to go around right now, and our positive voices are needed. It’s ⏰time to stop pointing fingers. It’s the moment that requires all of us to search our 💖hearts and act.

Racism is happening whether you 👀see it or not. Coronavirus is a 🔬health epidemic- period. Wearing a 😷mask or not isn’t a political statement. Fact checks ✅are helpful, not harmful.  Hop on any social media feed or turn on the TV to find these issues and more brewing before our very eyes.img_0734

Let’s find our mission fields and get to work. We won’t always say the right things or make the right choices. But, we can make sure to act out of 💞compassion rather than fear. To question for knowledge rather than from a sense of superiority. To show respect instead of indifference. And, if we disagree, let’s remember the reasons we became friends in the first place.🌈

What if…this year didn’t feel cursed? It doesn’t have to be this way. 2020 can still be the year of courage, compassion, and change. We’re in this together.💞 Let’s start acting like it. Stand tall, and do something good!💖





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