In our blended family, we have the his, hers, and ours group of kids. I say kids, but I really mean one teenager and four young adults in their twenties. We purchased a house before our youngest was born with the idea of having plenty of space for every person. It was the perfect home for our kids to grow up- complete with the Golden Retriever and trampoline in the backyard.

The big kids sent their little sister down the stairs in a laundry basket more than once. We cleaned cuts and scrapes in the bathrooms. Ken made big breakfasts on the weekends in the kitchen- eggs for the boys and pancakes for the girls. Bacon for everyone. Crafts were made on the table in the family room. Movies were watched in the ‘red room’- named for the color of the walls -and the name just stuck. We opened Christmas presents in that room every year, too, with the tree in the corner. Yep- memories were made in that house, for sure.

It’s just my husband, Angelina, and me now. It’s been the three of us for the last five years. The big kids visited from college, and now from their new career cities. I’m sure it’s been fun for them to sleep in their old bedrooms and look through artwork from elementary school. But, we can’t keep a house just because it has memories.

The memories aren’t about the house. They are about the people. We had so many incredible moments in the house. There were a few heartbreaking ones, too. The memories aren’t tied to the physical house, though. They are held in our hearts, always.

Ken and I started talking about downsizing after Angelina went away for college, which is just 2-1/2 short years from now. He spoke of tiny houses. I think he was kidding. Surely- he was kidding. I was into the idea of living in a smaller home, but a tiny house? No way!

We definitely didn’t need the space we had, though. When seven people lived here, it was ample space. Now- it’s too much. We don’t need four bathrooms and five bedrooms. We don’t need two heating and air units- or the bills that go with them. We don’t need rooms that we don’t even use. It was time to pass on that wonderful house to another family to make memories of their own.

Angelina was the one who suggested that we just go ahead and do it! Her logic was simple. She wanted to be involved in the downsizing process so that she would come home from college to a house that felt like home. She didn’t want to come back to something unfamiliar. I’m telling you- this kid has a good brain! Ken and I had lots of justifications for downsizing, but neither of us had considered that angle. She’s a thinker- that girl!

We found a floorplan that we loved. The building process for our new house is now finished. Today was moving day! Sifting through our stuff over the past couple of months has been a lot! We found sentimental things that we had forgotten about. We found items that we didn’t even remember why we kept them. We found lots of stuff that went into the trash. We want our new space to be just that- fresh and new.

Since she will be the only one of our kids to actually live here, Angelina chose her room. She wanted the one with the gorgeous windows across the front. Good choice! She worked on the design ideas for her room as well as the rest of the house. The big kids chimed in opinions on furnishings and color schemes. We kept some furniture and bought new pieces to match the vibe of the new space. Boxes were packed and stacked for transport. We picked up the moving truck early this morning. Friends helped with loading and unloading. The only part left is the best part- making this new house a home.

Setting it all up will be a huge task that will take a few days to complete, but we’re excited! Downsizing is something that will allow our family the chance to move into our next chapter. Having a smaller house to maintain will free up time for other activities we love, such as travel. A smaller home will also guarantee more togetherness. In our eyes, downsizing has no downside. Our new home will even have that same Golden Retriever in the backyard.

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