Who Else Loves Hotels?

We’ve been staying in a hotel for the past three days for the ASICS Show-Me Nationals Qualifier volleyball tournament with our daughter’s team. I don’t know about you, but I just love staying in hotels. It really doesn’t matter whether they are historic and fancy or small chains with a free breakfast. There’s just something about staying in a space that offers none of the stresses of day-to-day life yet has all of the conveniences of home.Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 8.35.18 PM

We travel often, so our family has stayed in a variety of hotels and motels. We’ve stayed in the ones with chocolates on the pillows and turn-down service. We’ve checked into ones that we immediately checked out of when we saw the bugs in the rooms. We collect the points for a couple of hotel chains, which is totally worth it. Start now if you aren’t already set up. Here’s an example of the benefits: we had so many Hilton points banked that we didn’t have to pay for one room for this entire club volleyball season! So, earn them, save them, and use them when it counts!

There’s something about staying in hotels that relaxes me whether I’m traveling with a purpose or just for leisure. I like to look out the windows and see new places. This current view includes blue skies, sunshine, and downtown Kansas City. Sometimes, it’s a beach or the mountains or Times Square. The point is- I’m looking at something different. Something that isn’t part of my everyday world. I’m transported by just looking out a window! And- stepping out that door takes me literally into a different place.

There’s something about living with less during a hotel stay. My house has stuff- lots and lots of stuff. When we stay in hotels, we have pared down our stuff to the essentials and a few of our favorite things. We need less than we think we need when at home. How is it that I have a closet full of shoes at home, but I can go for two weeks with a couple of pairs? Those kinds of things simply aren’t important when I’m away from my routine. I like that feeling of minimalism when traveling. Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 8.45.57 PM

I was talking with some of the other volleyball moms about my love affair with hotels. They didn’t agree. They said that it’s uncomfortable to sleep in a different bed. They wondered about others who stayed in those rooms before their visits. They talked about bed bugs and germs. I’ll give them that one. Even this hotel lover takes a disinfecting wipe to every surface- remote, light switch, thermostat, door handles- you name it. Once that’s done, I’m ready to settle in.

Hotel stays also provide a closeness with my family. Sure- that can be a good or bad thing, but I’m going to stick with the good. Since our oldest daughter started working for Disney a few years ago, we’ve been spending Christmas in Disney hotels. We bring stockings and a tiny tree for a table. Gifts are stacked in some corner of the room until Christmas Day. Someone serves as barista for morning coffee. Someone argues for the next available shower spot. Someone joins another for a run around the property or a swim at the pool. We all pile dirty laundry in the available drawers and take turns charging devices. I kind of wish we had started this Holiday-in-a-Hotel tradition earlier! Celebrating Christmas in a hotel suite guarantees togetherness. You know what? We all have a blast!

So, we checked out of our latest hotel adventure this morning. We added additional points to our Hilton Honors account simply by choosing to skip housekeeping. I know those points will be used sometime soon. Adventures are out there. I just need to book the next hotel room.

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