sharing the stairs

because life has ups and downs…


Welcome! You have found THE place for clothing for an active lifestyle. Maybe your workouts involve chasing kids around a park or yoga in a studio. How about the gym or a running trail? Or a leisurely stroll through a museum? We all want to be comfortable and chic–even for those times that simply involve a new book and the couch!

Peach is more than just a fashion brand. This company wants to elevate women every day! We hope to be a force for good in the busy, crazy, exhilarating lives of women. In that spirit, I’ll also share a few stories of amazing ladies that inspire me. Have a story to tell? Contact me and we’ll put something together for this blog!

For now, sit back and relax! Follow my experience as a Peach stylist. You might choose to shop from my link ( or even join the fun as a stylist yourself!


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