About Dianne

Hey there! It’s me- Dianne Schramm. Just like you, I have many roles in life. I’m a wife, mom, sister, daughter, friend, writer, and former teacher- just to name a few! I’m also a part-time runner, full-time fitness fan who can’t resist a double-scoop ice cream cone or a great donut with sprinkles. My people will tell you that my laugh is too loud and often comes at inappropriate times. That’s not such a bad thing- right?

I’m so glad you’re here! On my blog, you’ll find stories about life with all of its ups and downs…just like we live it. Take some time to explore. Feel free to comment and share your stories as they relate to the posts. This is just one way we can live connected!

My FIRST book is a self-help book and workbook in one called LIFEGUARDTo order your paperback or Kindle versionclick this Amazon link

Contact me: dianneschramm3@gmail.com

Twitter: @dianneschramm

Instagram: @sharingthestairs

I’d love to hear from YOU! xoxo


  1. DIanne,

    My name is Bill Reifsnyder, I was the founder and president of Runhaven. I own a boutique marketing agency and one of my clients wants to start a blog. I am reaching out to some select Runhaven writers to see if you have an interest in doing a little freelance writing. It would be similar to what you did with Runhaven. Please contact me via email at breifsnyder@vo2marketing.com, or call me on my cell at 503-333-2527. I look forward to speaking with you soon.



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