What If…We Need Quiet

You know that I 😍love words. There’s power and emotion and vulnerability and humor wrapped up in those jumbles of letters. Phrases stick with us because they speak to us. Words can😂 crack me up, and they can 😢crush me. I’m rarely at a loss for words. Right now, I feel quiet.😌

My weekly blogs are sometimes planned far in advance. Others are written on the fly just before I hit PUBLISH because something specific happened that I want to address. I use words to ruminate about life. 🥳Good things. Sad or 😱scary parts. Adventures. Midnight 🤔wonderings. I relate experiences and memories. But, right now, I feel quiet.😌

I’m not sure why. There’s not a sadness attached to this quietness. I’d say that it’s more of a stillness. Maybe it’s because of the📆 new year. Maybe because I know there are changes to come in this year. Maybe because some unexpected changes are already starting to happen. Maybe it’s because this time of year tends to be ❄️cold and dark. I know this, though. It’s not a bad thing to feel quiet. 😌

“The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear.” ~Rumi

A lot is happening in my world and the 🌎world at large. Like you, I feel 🥰joy from some things and 😠disappointment from others. It’s easy to celebrate joyful times, right? But, the ugly times are more challenging to process. There are moments that I am so confused by the anger and the bitterness and downright rude behaviors that I am confronted with daily that I don’t want to 🙉hear anymore. But, those are the moments that I need to hear even more.

I need to be quiet, so I can hear. ➡️Quiet, so I can understand. ➡️Quiet, so I can observe. ➡️Quiet, so I can find love and light in the chaos of this time. ➡️Quiet, so I can feel calm. ➡️Quiet, so I can stay positive.

What if…we need quiet? I know I need this quiet right now. 😌Maybe you need quiet, too. Take a breath. Sit back and relax. Everything doesn’t have to be figured out today. Life has a way of working itself out and leading us right where we are supposed to be.💖

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