What If…Dogs Know Best

We lost our furry buddy a few days ago. 😢Bentley was one of the best parts of our family for the last 12-1/2 years. I’m not sure about you, but I’m a 🐶dog person. I’ve had a couple of mixed breeds throughout my life, a Doberman Pinscher, a Bearded Collie, and three Golden Retrievers.😍

Bentley was a Golden. If you’ve never experienced a Golden, just think about a ray of ☀️sunshine. A 🌈rainbow after a storm. 🍪Cookies fresh from the oven. All dogs are special, but there’s just something about a Golden. We often said that Bentley was like the character of Dug from UP, the movie. When Dug says, “I just met you, and I love you!”- that was our Bentley.❤️

We weren’t planning to get a dog. But, when you take a bunch of kids to play with 🐶puppies, you’re going to come 🏡home with the cutest one. Count on it. 👍🏻The kids start begging. The dog looks at you with those 👀eyes. Mom and Dad look at each other. Next thing you know- you’re putting the puppy in the 🚗car. Best decision we could have made! 🙌Bentley was a true gift to our family.🎁

Bentley knew a lot about the essential things in life. I think we need to take a cue from the dogs to really get the most out of our own lives.

🐶Take all the walks- investigate every sight and sound and smell along the way

🐶Wag your tail and make sure the people in your life know how much you care

🐶Get excited about treats- I mean, who doesn’t love treats? Enjoy every bite!

🐶Nap if you need it- we don’t have to push ourselves every minute of every day. Relax!

🐶Be yourself- show those quirky parts of your personality that make you even more adorable

🐶Love unconditionally

🐶Be loyal

🐶Protect the people and things you love

🐶Share your positive energy with the world

It’s been a tough week as our family learns to live without our best friend.😢 We still look in the usual spots to see where he might be 😴snoozing. We still expect to see him waiting with that tail wagging when we walk in the 🚪door. We still think he will put his head on the table to beg for 🥩food while we’re eating. I suppose we’ll do that for quite a while. 😔So here’s what we can do to honor our sweet pup. We can live out the beautiful things about him.😍 What if…dogs know best? I think Bentley understood many things, and he tried to teach us by example each and every day that we were blessed to have him with us. Thanks, Bent, for being you!💖

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