What If…We Don’t Wish to Have It All

Sometimes- we 👀look at things the wrong way. With holiday sales and wish lists, our 🌎world seems to be about the things we have. 👍🏻Do you know what is equally important? Those things we don’t have. 👎🏻

I think the idea of NOT having it all is a 🌈good thing. People tend to think having it all means all of the wonderful things that life offers. Life isn’t just ✨sparkly and ✨shiny, though. It’s also 🦠dirty and dusty and 💩stinky. The idea of having it all includes those parts, too. 🤔

Everyone’s pain and celebrations are important. 💯I agree entirely with that. No matter how big or how small- our troubles and our gifts matter and should be recognized. Despite the twists and turns, those bumps and potholes, there’s still gratitude in our roads. I think that’s because we understand our own journeys. Maybe not all the time, but we have the past references and the future goals to put some of the pieces together, even when that 🧩puzzle is far from complete.

At our lowest moments, there is someone somewhere who has it worse. 😢 And, we feel grateful that it isn’t us, don’t we? You know how the saying goes, “There but for the grace of God, go I.”

It’s impossible to fully understand the roads that others are traveling. We all have personal histories with emotions and experiences that shape our stories. We only know what people want us to know. We tend to share what we feel comfortable sharing. Am I right? It’s easier to spread the sunny ☀️ parts than the gloomy ⛈ones. The scary 😱stuff, the ugly 👹stuff- we don’t usually parade that around. And, we definitely don’t count those things when we talk about having it all.

Sometimes, I don’t want to know that someone has it worse than I do, though. I want to feel it all, to let it all out. There are moments when it’s therapeutic to just wallow in self-pity. 😔Ever cried in the 🚿shower? It’s the perfect spot. Been there. ✅Done that. ✅Probably do it again. ✅ Nothing wrong with that.

We’re all going to have some ☀️sunshine and ⛈storms. 🌹Roses and thorns. Be careful what we wish for, right? What if…we don’t wish to have it all? As we read in Ecclesiastes, “For everything there is a season.” If you really 🤔think about it, we don’t want it all. The seasons will come to us, just as they are supposed to. The beautiful and terrible 🧩pieces will fit together to tell one incredible story.💖

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